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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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got on the right road and went into camp at 9 P.M. Men very tired and hungry .We are in Emanuel Co [County] about 10 mile from the Ogeechee River. In camp near 3d Div [Division] 15 A.C. Our Div [Division] is all together once more. This has been the most lonesome day of the campaign. The country through which we passed was very level and resembles our Western [deleted: Paris] Prairies Distance marched 18 mile

Wednesday Nov 30th 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Left camp at 6 o clock - a very foggy morning - but the mist soon cleared away and we had a most beautiful day .The first 10 mile of our way lay through the pine barrens". And during that whole distance only one log hut greeted our vision and that was inhabited by a "love lone widder" with six tow headed children" Passed

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through Summerville a country town which presented rather a pleasing appearance. Went into camp about sundown six mile from Herndon and 4 from the Ogeechee river on the South Side. 1st Div [Division] has the advance to-day [today] and as the country was very poor we found forage very scarce - A negro was shot today by a teamster and killed instantly. Distance marched 15 mile.

Thursday Dec 1st 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

First day of Winter. and we can congratulate ourselves that we are in a more congenial clime than our friends at home. It was foggy again this morning but the sun soon came out and we had a warm pleasant day. Marched about 12 mile [deleted: and went] Country more fertile and thickly settled. We did not cross the River at Herndon as expected. When we were within

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two mile of the crossing, We took the Savannah road and travelled 8 mile down the Ogeechee and are still on the South bank of the River in Emmanuel Co. [County] about two mile from the river and six from Milan Div. [Division] not known when we will cross the River perhaps not until we get within 18 mile of Savannah - Are in camp near 1st Div. [Division] Engaged a "contraband" today to take care of my horse. Heard some splendid news. That Genl [General] Granger has captured Mobile. Hood is badly whipped at Pulaski "and then we heard something that was not so agreeable "that the enemy had us (Shermans army) surrounded and it was only a question of time about his whole army being captured - but we cant see the surrounding [unclear: post].

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Friday Dec 2d 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

The weather continues very favorable for campaigning. We certainly should be very thankful to Divine Providence for such delightful weather as we are having. Had it rained much it would have been impossible for us to get through these swamps. It has'nt rained a day since we entered these "pine barrens which are full of swamps. Today when we would halt we were compelled to hunt a "shade". "Old Sol" was sending down his scorching rays upon us. Expect we will have "Sun Strokes" by Christmas if the weather gets much warmer. Wonder what our Northern friends would say if the knew we were suffering with the heat. - but we find the nights quite cool. This is the most "God forsaken" Country I ever saw. - Nothing but pine Barrens & swamps - with very few houses to relieve the monotony.

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Left camp at 8 o'clock this morning. 1st Div [Division] marched on parallel road with our Div. [Division] We crossed "Sculls Creek" this afternoon and went into camp a quarter of a mile from the creek at 4. P.M. Distance marched 10 mile. We are now in a region abounding in alligators "Sarpints" [serpents] & c. [et cetera] Alligators are said to be quite numerous in "Sculls Creek" Pontoons are laid across the "Ogeechee" about a mile distant and the 1st Brigade and one Brig [Brigade] from 1st Div [Division] are across tearing up R.R. - We are in Bullock Co [County] just opposite Scarboro Do not think our Corps will cross the River here, but proceed down the South bank of the River. No Enemy in our front and the work goes bravely on. Heard today through Rebel papers that a large "Yankee fleet" of 70 vessels was off "Hilton Head" -- Suppose

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they are to cooperate with us. We are all enjoying ourselves finely - as I write every thing looks cheerful and happy and contented around me. Major H. Capt. [Captain] V. and Lts [Lieutenants] Johnson and Pittman are enjoying a game of Whist - Joe "Cor" & "Peggy" are each deep in the hidden mysteries of "yellow backed Literature." Do not think we will move tomorrow. as we are ordered to drain "full rations" of soap, and think we will have a chance to wash and clean up. Retired late.

Saturday Dec 3d 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early and moved at 6.30 Our Brigade crossed the Ogeechee and occupied works made by the 1st Brigade - We lay in support of the Brigade who were tearing up the R.R. Remained there all day and then returned to the camp occupied last night Pontoons were taken up this evening Quite a number of '"negroes" came

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