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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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came in today with Horses & mules. Saw plenty of "Live oak" Palm leaf" fans & Spanish moss today. Distance marched 4 mile

Sunday Dec 4th 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Marched at 6:30. Our route was down the south bank of the Ogeechee Went into camp at Sundown just opposite Cameron a station on the R.R. - distance marched 15 mile. Nothing of interest happened today. Country much better than any we have seen for 10 days - Forage for man and beast plenty.

Monday Dec 5th 1865 [1864] [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Marched at 5 o'clock our Brigade having the advance. Passed through a local country - The best we have seen for some time - Soil sandy and productive - Saw some splendid "live oaks" today - Marched 20 mile crossing "Belchers Mill Creek and when near the River each man was ordered to "shoulder a rail"

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and we marched down to a large swamp and left the rails for the Pioneers to build roads with. One of the most beautiful sights I ever saw was the trees in the swamp which were all thickly covered with "Spanish Moss" Went into camp near by. We are just opposite Guyton - This Evening after going in camp each man was ordered to supply himself with 60 Rounds of ammunition. it was thought we would cross the River tonight but it is now 9 o clock and no orders to move yet. but it is very likely we will go over sometime tonight Are waiting for Pontoons to come up -- Lt. [Lieutenant] Bruner was quite "salubrious" today.

Tuesday Dec 6th 1865 [1864] [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Did not cross the river last night - We are still in the camp

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which we occupied last night. This has been the first days rest we have had since leaving Rome. We washed, read, slept, &c. [et cetera] Had Company "Inspection" - found arms in good condition & men well supplied withammunition. The other Divs [Divisions] of our corps proceeded down the river. Lt [Lieutenant] Pittman and 45 men were detailed to cross the river and "tap" the R.R. but on going to the River found nothing to cross on so returned to camp - Our Pioneer Corps has been busy all day fixing roads - No news from the 14 & 20 Corps - Suppose they have been fighting some as we heard distant [unclear: Canonnading ] yesterday - We are now 35 mile from Savannah and by this time next week we hope to be enjoying the "balmy breezes" of the sea coast. Do not know whether we will proceed directly to Savannah - it may be we are only making a

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[unclear: "feint"] and instead of going to S. will Cross the Savannah River and tread the Sacred Soil of South Carolina". Heard today that Gen [General] Foster had destroyed the [deleted: fleet off] Charleston and Savannah R.R. It is now 26 days since we left Rome and we are all hungry for "Northern news". It is no fun being "cut off" from the civilized world. Quite a number of Contrabands came in today and they afforded us a good deal of amusement dancing wrestling & c. [et cetera]

Wednesday Dec 7" 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early and on the move at 7 AM proceeded down the south bank of the Ogeechee. Our Brigade having the rear - Marched 10 mile and went into Camp a mile from the river just opposite Eden. It rained most awful hard today - rain came down in perfect torrents. 1st Brigade crossed the River this evening & found the

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enemy entrenched - 2d Iowa charged them losing 2 men killed and 4 wounded. drove the enemy from their works and took 28 prisoners - Our whole Corps is here now - Only 22 mile from Savannah - and a strong probability of a fight tomorrow -- No news of any importance - Boys are anxious to push on & take Savannah and have communication open once more.

Thursday Dec 8th 1864. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Orders to march at 5:30 a.m with 2 days rations - No transportation to be taken except ambulances & "Pack Mules" - Crossed the Ogeechee at "Junks Ferry", passed through Eden and pushed down the north bank of the river, crossing the S [added and] M R.R. several times - a fine RR - Went into camp about 3 o'clock on the "Ogeechee "Canal. - half a mile from the River -- Distance marched 14,

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mile - The 7th Ills had a slight skirmish this afternoon -- A very warm day -- Passed through parts of 4 counties today Bullock Bryan. Effingham & Chatham. Country very level. Not thickly settled - Saw a great many "ever greens" which gave the woods the appearance of summer - Saw some splendid "[unclear: Rifle Pits] " this morning. Other Divs [Divisions] of our Corps across the river 6 mile below us. 17th [unclear: ab. ] 3 mile this side of Eden. 14th [added and] 2d Corps at the Savannah River 10 mile from the City. Our Brigade will have the advance tomorrow and will have something to do -- Heard distant cannonading this evening. which is said to be "[unclear: Gun boats] " down the Ogeechee." we are gradually drawing Our lines around Savannah. Rebel force in the place said to be 10.000 - We will be in Savannah in 3 days if not there somewhere on the coast Capt [Captain] Guthrie & I took a walk.

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