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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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down to the river. Our wagons will be up sometime tonight -- We have our Hd Qrs [Head Quarters] under a beautiful live "oak tree"

Friday Dec 9th 1864. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Left camp about 8 o'clock. Our Brigade moved out alone - took the Savannah road. After going 3 mile from [added camp] ran into some of the enemy who sent us their compliments in shape of shell & "minnie balls". but we drove them easily for about 4 mile capturing one piece of artillery. 81st marched 2 1/2 mile through thick woods. Swamps Rice fields &c. [et cetera] trying to flank the Rebel battery. But the enemy were too fast for us. Our skirmishers crossed A branch of the Little Ogeechee when we were ordered to halt. - While resting here a train of Cars passed on the Gulf RR 3/4 of a mile to our right, Lt [Lieutenant] Bruner sent a few shells after them - Understand the train was captured afterwards by the 7th Ills. Ordered

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to fall back to the "Cross roads". 81st went in camp at dusk a mile from the "cross roads" in a thick pine woods - We were within 10 mile of Savannah today . Heard cannonading in several directions but no particulars of any fighting - 7th Ills tore up the Gulf RR today. So the enemy have no RR communication - Brigade only had one man wounded today - belonging to the 66" Ills - though at times the Rebel "shell & ball" flew thick and fast -- 81st did not disgrace itself as some expected - No news from the other Div [Division] - Gen [General] Howard was with us most of the forenoon. Distance marched 10 mile.

Saturday Dec 10th 1864. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Regiment ordered to remain as Guards to "Division train". Capt [Captain] [unclear: Vanplet] with a platoon of "A" Co [Company] was sent to the RR. but didn't not develop any enemy. 12th & 66th Ills went to the R.R.

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bridge over the Little Ogeechee River - 1st and 3d Brigades moved forward on the main Savannah road. The train moved after dinner, crossed the west fork of the Little Ogeechee, & went in "flank" at 4 P.M 8 1/2 miles from Savannah & [unclear: 11/2] mile from our front. Went up to the front [added and] could plainly see Rebel tents & works - A large swamp intervenes between us & the enemy -- They have opened the "flood gates" of the canal and have "flooded" the country to prevent our crossing. Heavy cannonading all day. but without any [deleted: result] [added results]. The "Seige [Siege] of Savannah" may be said to have commenced today - As the City is entirely inverted -- Saw some splendid Rice plantations to day [today] - No communation [communication] opened yet. and Crackers are getting scarce It is very probable we will have to open a "Cracker line". before

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Savannah falls. Col [Colonel] Adams sends for 81st, but Genl [General] Corse says it Can't be spared - Cloudy and appearance of rain. Retired early.

Sunday Dec 11th 1864. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Were up early the heavy cannonading awakened us - Several shots came within a short distance of us. Remained as Guards to Div [Division] train until now when we were ordered to take up a position on the left of the 3d Brigade. Have a good camping ground - though the one assigned to us was a perfect swamp. Went to Genl [General] Corse and obtained permission to move to our present position -- Rained this morning but about 9 oclock "cleared off" and we had a bright clear day. It is quite cool and windy this morning. It is said no further advance will be made untill [until] we open a base of supplies -- No orders to join our Brigade - 4th Div [Division] is on the extreme right of the line 1st Div [Division] the left - 2d

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Div [Division] the center and 3d in reserve - We will be apt to remain in our present position several days. All are anxious to join the Brigade as it don't seem "home like" to be separated. No news from separate Col [Colonel] Adam he is trying to cross the "Little Ogeechee River near [unclear: Millers] Station.

Monday Dec 12th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Did not move to day [today]. Last night was cold and windy and it has been quite cool all day. Heavy cannonading all day but no musketry Lt [Lieutenant] Johnson & I rode to "the front" this afternoon. Saw the Rebel batteries with their flags floating in the "breeze" We keep up a thin line of pickets and in some places it is not necessary to have any at all for it is Just impossible to cross on account of the extreme swamp between us - The enemy are very strongly fortified and it may take

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us sometime to dislodge them. Gen [General] Osterhaus was shelled out of his Hd [Head] Quarters today - Genl [General] Kilpatricks cavalry goes to the coast to open communication -- Capt [Captain] Lockwood detailed as "Div [Division] Off of the Day" We have [unclear: 20] men on the "Picket line". Expected the Brigade in this evening but it did not arrive. We retired early. still blowing and cold.

Tuesday Dec 13th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early. Cold and very windy. Rec'd [Received] orders to move to the right of the "Anderson place" in "the live oak grove" near the spring. Were ordered to keep the men well screened from the Enemies batteries -- We moved to the place assigned us and soon found that we were in splendid range of a battery - for the enemy discovered our position & shelled us furiously for a while but we only had one man wounded

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