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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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Fletcher B. Haynes severely in shoulder Obtained intrenching tools from the 3d Brigade and [unclear: threw] up a splendid line of works. Can see the Rebel works very plainly but the distance is too great for musketry. Heavy cannonading & musketry in direction of Ft [Fort] McAllister -- Suppose it to be our men attacking the fort. Genl [General] Rice will attempt to cross the Little Ogeechee tonight - Had a taste of salt water today the tide comes up this far. -- The Brigade has not yet arrived and no news from it. Rebs are very "saucy" in our front. No news from the fleet or any part of our line.

Wednesday Dec 14th 1864. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Gen. [General] Rice did not cross the "Ogeechee last night as expected, much to the "Chagrin" of Gen. [General] Corse - At 2 AM Genl [General] Corse sent for 2 of our best Companies to effect a crossing, but after going to the River did not attempt it. Co [Colonel] "E"

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12 Ills [illegible] & remained all day. Very little forming along the line to day [today]. Ft [Fort] McAllister was captured yesterday evening it was taken by the 2d Div [Division] [illegible] Capturing its garrison of 250 men [added and] 19 Guns Our loss was about 80 killed and wounded Enemies [Enemies]loss heavy - We now have a base of supplies and Shermans Grand army is safe and can defy the whole [illegible] Do not think we will do anything untill [until] we get a fresh supply of rations - We are now very short and have nothing but "corn bread" to eat - no coffee - The Brigade came in from the RR Bridge this morning, being relieved by 3d Div [Division] Was down to the "Ogeechee" this morning - think it will be very difficult [difficut] to effect a crossing Lieut [Lieutenant] Pittman was sent for by Gen [General] Corse - A large mail reported "aboard" the fleet. which we are very anxious to get. It is more than a month since we have seen any northern papers.

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Thursday, Dec 15th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

A very spirited Cannonading duel This morning - Our batteries seem to have the best of it. Spent the day in writing letters wrote three one to Father -- Lizzie and Lt [Lieutenant] H.R. S.R. 15 tons of mail said to be at the coast but cannot come up untill [intil] the obstructions in the "Ogeechee" are removed. But little firing on the Skirmish line. - The boys of Co [Company] "E" procured a small " [illegible] guns" and took it out on the "skirmish line" It throws a [unclear: formed] ball and created quite a disturbance among the enemys [illegible] It has been a nice day. cool and pleasant - No Rations & eating very slim.

Friday Dec 16th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Was up early. Enemy threw shell in among us. Col [Colonel] Adams being afraid that some one would get hurt moved us back to where the rest of the Brigade was - 1/2 mile from our position occupied at morning

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12th Ills detailed as [illegible] Guards to 13th AC. Rec'd [Received] large mail this morning -- got six letters 2 from Lizzie -- 2 from home, one from "Hugh R S." and one from Columbus - an official documents" -- also rec'd [received] a huge lot Of Cincinnati Gazetts [Gazettes] - Sat up very late reading the news was after 12 o'clock when I gave myself up to the arms of "Morpheus" -

Saturday Dec 17th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Was up early and reread my letters and papers in hopes of finding something new. Spent the day in reading and writing. Wrote a long letter to Columbus -- Mail left the Regiment this evening -- Made out a complete Roster of officers & sergents [Sergeants] and sent them to Columbus by "Davy [unclear: Samme] " Rations are getting very scarce. The army is worse off for Rations than anytime since we have been "in the field" -- think we will get a supply tomorrow - for supper we had "hard tack" and "cold boild [boiled] beef" -- --

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Saturday Dec 18th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Went to "Kings bridge" to day [today] in company with Capt [Captain] Lockwood Lt [Lieutenant] Johnson and "Hank Comstock" -- Went to see the "fleet" and to get something for our men to eat -- only one boat at the bridge unloading Rations. A large no of soldiers at the landing. 12th Ills started for Hilton Head to day [today] in charge of prisoners - After repeated efforts at the bridge we succeeded in getting some "Hard tack" & sugar for our men - Returned about dark. Had a rich dinner today - "Bill of Fare" "Dried Apples" - Men are living on "parched corn" to day" [today] - Rations will be issued some time tonight. Men are very hungry -- A battery of 32 Rd Parrott guns arrived today from New York & was sent to the 20th AC on the left of our lines. - 17th AC are worse off than our corps for Rations - Capt [Captain] Compton "[illegible] " was mustered out today & will start march soon.

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Monday Dec 19th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Was up early and sent "Charlie [unclear: Straw] " to the [unclear: River] to get the Rosters for Officers & Sergeants. As I wanted to make some changes. Leuts [Lieutenants] Ellis Dixon & Miller were "mustered out" to day [today] - their time of service having expired : - Lt [Lieutenant] Harbaugh temporarilly [temporarily] assigned to the command of "B" Co [Company] Rec'd [Received] "Muster out" Rolls of "B" & "C" Leut [Lieutenant] Pittman and 10 volunteers crossed the "Little Ogeechee" this evening at nine oclock and explored the ground on the opposite side -- he reported that a crossing could be made and Col [Colonel] Adams wanted to cross his Brigade immediately - but Gen [General] Osterhaus would not let him I suppose we will cross the "Rubicon" tomorrow night - Gen [General] Rice attempted to effect a crossing but failed - a few shells demoralized him Capt [Captain] McCain & squad floated down the River in a boat right under the guns of a Rebel battery for

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