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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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which they deserve the thanks of the Div [Division] -- Still starving -- a full supply of Rations will by issued tonight.

Tuesday Dec 20th 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Made out quite a number of noncommissioned warrants today - Nearly all the party which crossed the River last night were promoted to day [today]. Lt [Lieutenant] Pittman appointed A.A.A.G. 2d Brig [Brigade] - a good appointment - Leuts [Lieutenants] Dixon and Mills left for the [illegible] to day [today] -- Wrote a long letter to "Hugh R S" also one to Lizzie. It was rumored all day that our Brigade would cross tonight - but towards [unclear: morning] understood that Pontoons and [illegible] would be taken down preparatory to crossing tomorrow - Considerable firing today - Enemy quite active with their artillery - It has been a nice day, but very windy and looks very much like rain this evening.

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Wednesday Dec 21st 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

This morning after breakfast we were informed that the "Rebs" had taken up their departure last night not believing it I went down to the front and seen for myself that the enemy had indeed left. We were immediately ordered to cross. 81st and 66th crossed in a pontoon boat at the same point where Lt [Lieutenant] Pittman and party effected a crossing. We supposed at first that the enemy had only fallen back to a stronger line of works. - so after crossing we advanced cautiously - but soon discovered that they had bid the city of Savannah adieu. -- We soon struck the Gulf RR and proceeded directly towards the City - down the RR track - Major Henry & I had left our horses on the other side of the "Little Ogeechee - so we took it "afoot" and reached the "suburbs" of S about 3 PM and went into camp southeast of the city among the "dutch gardens"

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Which are full of all kinds of vegetables. As soon as our horses arrived Maj [Major] H and I rode into the city -- With the exception of Huntsville it is the prettiest city I have seen in the 'Southern Confederacy" - The "Wharfs and docks" are magnificent but on account of the obstructions in the River below [illegible] Jackson our fleet cannot come up. The town was quite full of Soldiers - quite a number of stores were plundered by soldiers assisted by negros and "poor white folks" who seemed delighted at having a chance to pillage - As a general thing the Citizens kept 'in doors". Saw the Rebel [illegible] Savannah and a gun boat laying on the opposite side of the river -- The enemy finished crossing this morning about daylight and are supposed to be making for Charleston. I think Sherman has rather

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been "out generaled" by Hardee. or since he couldn't have gotten away so easily - Who is to blame for allowing him to escape -- time alone can tell. but it is the general [unclear: informs] us that Gen [General] Foster is the "guilty man" -- We found a great many Guns Cotton & c [et cetera] which the enemy had to leave. Cold and windy this evening -- Procured some nice riding bridles today Retired early.

Thursday Dec 22d 1864

- A cold windy morning - We obtained a house for Hd Qts [Head Quarters] and spent the day very pleasantly - Lt [Lieutenant] Johnson and I rode down town in the afternoon - The city of Savannah is much larger than I imagined it to be yesterday -- We visited the RR buildings. The enemy left a large amount of rolling stock - cars locomotives &c. [et cetera] &c. [et cetera] - We passed through many fine streets & seen many fine buildings - The city

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has some splendid Parks. saw the Pulaski & Greene Monuments. -- The enemy "blew up" the Rebel [illegible] Savannah last night. it made a fearful and tremendous explosion, - 66 Ills detailed as Provost Guards and ordered to report to Col [Colonel] Woods Had a very disagreeable day. Have made our beds down on the floor and will try sleeping in a house tonight.

Retired early.

Friday Dec 23d 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early. Wind still blowing and quite cold. Had to move our quarters this morning - as the 3d Div [Division] of our Corps were to camp where we were -- We moved to a much better place 300 yds [yards] in rear of Brigade Hd Qrs. [Head Quarters] inside of the "Rebel Works" Our Hd Qrs [Head Quarters] are near a "dutchmans" house - will make him evacuate a room for us. Lt [Lieutenant] Johnson applied for "leave of absence" today but

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it will not be granted. Rec'd [Received] a large mail this evening but "Nary letter" for me. Orders came to be ready for review tomorrow - our whole corps will be reviewed by Genl [General] Sherman. No news. Retired early.

Saturday Dec 24th 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Was up early - As ordered the Regt [Regiment] prepared for Review. 81st was attached to Gen [General] Rice's Brigade. Our [illegible] was formed on Broad St. Passed in review before Gen [General] Sherman Howard Osterhaus & c [et cetera] presenting a fine appearance. Col [Colonel] Adams did not go on review as he had no command. -- Glorious news from Thomas. "Hood" has been badly defeated before Nashville. has lost 60 pieces of Artillery and 10.000 prisoners and he is retreating Southward rapidly.

No mail today

Retired at 9 1/2 P.M --

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