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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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Sunday Dec 25th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

-- Was up early - Lt [Lieutenant] Johnson and I attended preaching this morning at the Presbyterian Church and heard a splendid sermon by the Rev [Reverend] Dr Axson. a noted DD. Quite a number of citizens were out. - In Afternoon went to 17th AC and saw Dave Plattes Capt [Captain] Simpson & c [et cetera] Sent a wagon after Oysters this morning - but they did not have very good success. House sacking was carried on quite extensively all day on the road between camp and town. The city was full of drunken soldiers and officers -- Had a splendid oyster supper this evening. No news today. Retired early

Monday Dec 26, '64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

It has been a nice clear and pleasant day. - Considerable talks about our Div [Division] garrisoning Savannah, but there is no foundation for the

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Rumor - We were informed to - day [today] that we could fix up our quarters - for we would remain here 2 or 3 weeks. -- We moved our camp forward, so as to give room for the 12th Ills who came back afew [a few] days since. Several boats came up to - day [today] but no mail. Co [Company] "C" was transferred to "E" & "F" and "B" to "D" --

Tuesday Dec 27th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Was up early and went to work at nothing and continued at it all day -- Men busy fixing up quarters - Had a nice clear day The new Consolidation of Co's promises to work well. "Dave Murphy" was up to see us to day [today]. He has a furlough of 30 days in Ohio. Capt [Captain] Lockwood sent in his resignation on Surgeons Certificate of disabilities -- Rumor says Jeff Davis is dead, said to be official -- 17th AC was reviewed by Genl [General] Sherman to - day [today] - Had

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Dress Parade this evening - have orders to have Parade every evening and make a report of the same to Div [Division] Hd Qrs. [Head Quarters]

Wednesday Dec 28th 64 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

- It has rained nearly all day but has cleared off this evening Orders to have [unclear: schools] for Div [Division] Brigade Regiments & Companies and establishing drills, Camp Guards. Guard mounting &c. [et cetera] It looks as if we are going to stay awhile. The citizens had a meeting today and adopted a strong set of resolutions -- Sent a copy to Dr Miller

Thursday Dec 29th 64

Capt [Captain] Vanpelt and I rode into Savannah this morning and saw the 17th AC reviewed by Genl [General] Sherman -- it presented a fine appearance. Capt [Captain] Vanpelt officiated at Dress parade this

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evening and did fine. Several boys got quite happy -- Joe especially -- Dr Jacobs & Howell came over and had a game of "whist" -- The "dutch" family moved down town today [to - day] and we have the whole house for Hd Qrs. [Head Quarters]

Friday Dec 30th 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

A bright clear night . The 20th AC was reviewed today -- About the time the "review" commenced they fired a salute and we imagined Gen [General] Grant had Arrived but it was just some of the 20th Corps style. They presented quite an indifferent appearance - Many who went to see them were very much, as they expected to see something "extra". Men are entirely out of something to eat -- Sent a wagon after Oysters for New Years. A Blockade runner ran up to day [today] - not knowing Savannah was in out possession 15 AC to be reviewed next week -- --

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Saturday Dec 31st 1864 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

The companies were mustered for pay today [to - day] - Spent the forenoon in making muster Rolls for "Field and Staff". Lt [Lieutenant] Tyler gave us a call this morning and Major made some "Alabams" - As soon as we were through mustering Major H and Hays imbibed very frequently and consequently both became beastly drunk -- Tumblers were broken papers & reports spoiled and havoc made generally -- so we were very much relieved when they got past navigation -- Our oyster wagon returned and we had a huge "Oyster Supper" -- Major H not able to eat Oysters -- Owing to the inclemency of the weather - no parade was held this evening -- Procured some papers of date 1798 -- sent a copy to Lizzie - one home and several to Dr. Miller - Sat up untill [until] eleven oclock & then retired. Slept with Capt [Captain] Lockwood in front of the fire on the floor. Our blankets

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were in a condition not to be used tonight - so Joe & I had to separate. Do not think, I will soon forget this day.

Farewell 1864

January 1st 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

A bright clear day -- very cool in the morning. Water nearly an inch thick in water bucket. Major N. arose feeling quite badly after his dissipation of yesterday. Leut [Lieutenant] Johnson & I attending preaching in forenoon at the Presbyterian Church and heard a splendid sermon by Dr Axson. Quite a large number of Citizens were present. Genl [General] Sherman was out and attracted the attention of the Citizens. In the Afternoon Lts [Lieutenants] Johnson Pittman Jack Comstock & "Peggy" rode down to Ft. [Fort] Thunderbolt - which is a strongly fortified position -- From the fort we proceeded to "Bonaventure Country" where we saw some of the grandest scenery imaginable -- Saw several

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