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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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Palmetto trees -- Returned about 4 P.M had Dress Parade Capt [Captain] V officiating

Monday Jan 2d 1865

Nothing of special interest happened today -- Made out a report of the operations of the Regiment since Oct 5th 64 and sent to Brigade Hd Qrs. [Head Quarters] - Went into Savannah this evening to attend a concert but it was indefinitely postponed -- Before returning to camp called at the Hd Qrs. [Head Quarters] 66 Ills and had a pleasant Chat with Lt [Lieutenant] [unclear: Marrot]

Retired late

Tuesday Jan 3d 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up Early - spent the forenoon in making out Non - Commissioned [unclear: warrants ] - Was hit by a spent ball this morning on foot which was very painful for a while. Had a very nice battalion drill this P.M. Men & officers are very

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rusty and need drilling -- Recd [Received] a letter from Tim this morning. Capt [Captain] Lockwoods resignation came this evening -- Good bye Charley We will miss you very much - Howell &Pittman gave us a call this evening. Part of the 17th A.C. left to day [today] - There are strong indications of a move soon. Major H. had school this evening.

Wednesday Jan 4th 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Had Battalion drill this A.M so that the officers could attend the review of Genl [General] Kilpatricks cavalry which had been assumed to come off today. Major Henry Capt [Captain] Vanpelt "Hank Comstock & myself rode down to see the reviews but were disappointed as the review was post - poned The Wharf presented quite a business like appearance. Quite a number of boats were up. Rode all over

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town. hunting for " [unclear: Sutler ] Stones", but couldn't find any. bought some apples 8 for a dollar. Saw Duke Welfry of the 69th After waiting a while for an "extra" Savannah republican, we rode back to camp Wrote a letter to Father. A very small mail arrived this evening - one letter for me - from Tom.

Retired late

Thursday Jan 5th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Spent the day to make out a "March by Return" to send to Washington City -- Had battalion drill again this morning. Capt [Captain] Guthrie gave us a call this P.M. - I am afraid he is becoming "demoralized" "Hank Comstock" started for Hilton Head SC -- Sent for some clothing. Johnson [unclear: A. M.] obtained Clothing and issued it to the companies - 12 Ills were on Fatigue detail working on fortifications - expect we will

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get a light detail tomorrow. Wrote a letter to Lizzie - Had a serenade this evening - Retired late

Friday Jan 6th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Rained this morning - but cleared off about noon. -- Made out an ord requisition - which was respectfully returned for correction -- Made out A L. Stephens descriptive Roll & forwarded it to Captain Edwards. Capts [Captains] Vanpelt Lockwood Joe & I sat up quite late playing Casino.

Saturday Jan 7th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

To day [Today] the grand review of the 15th Corps came off. and it was indeed a grand affair. We were reviewed by Genl [General] Sherman. Our Div [Division] was formed on Liberty St. Had to wait Several hours before the reviewing officer passed - It was quite cool, which made it rather unpleasant - The reviewing Officer was stationed[illegible]

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A vast concourse of Citizens and soldiers were present to see the Corps pass. It was near 4 oclock when we returned to camp. Had Dress parade before the Battalion was dismissed. Gen [General] Logan arrived to - day [today] in time to see his Corps on review. Recd [Received] a mail this evening -- Rec'd [Received] two letters. One from Lizzie and the other from home from Lib - folks at home very anxious to hear from me. Col [Colonel] Adams & Lt [Lieutenant] Howell gave us a call this evening Heard that Gen [General] Brown has recalled the Georgia State Troops & ordered the stars and stripes to be hoisted in the State -- Retired late - after writing a letter to Lizzie.

Saturday Jan 8th 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Quite a pleasant morning. Lt [Lieutenant] Johnson & I attended preaching again today at the Presbyterian

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Church Rec'd [Received] orders to march tomorrow at 6 1/2 oclock -- but we will not have to march very far - Our Brigade is ordered to report to Col [Colonel] Woods to relieve a part of the 1st Div [Division] which has marching orders. -- So it is very favorable that we will remain here and do Garrison duty. Wrote a long letter to "Lt [Lieutenant] HR SR" -- 12th Ills came back from Hilton Head today Retired early

Monday Jany 9th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early. Reg't [Regiment] started down town at 7 A.M -- After waiting several hours in the street -- We were ordered back to our old camp the order for us to do Provost duty having been countermanded. When we reached camp, it began to rain and continued to rain all day. Genl [General] Logan was expected to visit out camp but he did not make were working on the fortifications

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