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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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Inspection which was to have come off today was postponed untill [until] Wednesday next. -- Capt [Captain] Lockwood bid us Good Bye at noon to day [today] but came back in the evening, as there was no boat going North.

Tuesday Jan 10th 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

A very rainy day. Capt [Captain] Lockwood got off this morning - Nothing of interest happened today. Sergt [Sergeant] [illegible] was very drunk this evening and had an altercation with his friend "John Peters".

Retired late

Wednesday Jan 11 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Monthly Inspection today byCapt [Captain] [unclear: Canusm] A.A.[illegible] G - It was quite chilly all morning and consequently it was not very pleasant work inspecting the troops - The Regiment and Camp presented a very good appearance and The Inspector [illegible] today

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pleased with the condition of things in the 81st - While on Inspection Dr. Jacobs Capt [Captain] Guthrie Lts [Lieutenants] Howell & Tyler called and remained until after dinner. "Alabams" were [unclear: drunk] quite freely and some of the party became quite "Jolly" - Leut [Lieutenant] Howell got sick eating "Pork and Beans. "Joe" visited the 7th Ills this P.M and was quite "Salubrious" when he returned - Lt [Lieutenant] Johnson &[illegible] started to hear "Dr E [unclear: sticks] " lecture but did not go any farther than Brigade Hd Qrs. [Head Quarters] - Wrote a long letter to Columbus. Lt [Lieutenant] Tyler brought over his resignation to day [today] but it was improperly addressed and he took it back. Rec'd [Received] orders for the Regiment to report at 6 1/2 oclock tomorrow morning to Lt [Lieutenant] Col [Colonel] Ian Sellars for Fatigue Duty.

Thursday Jan 12th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Regiment reported as ordered were working on the fortifications

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all day. I did not go out with the Regiment but remained in the office untill [until] noon. After dinner Lt [Lieutenant] Johnson & I went to Savannah to see Genl [General] Kilpatricks Cavalry reviewed -- it was a grand sight though they did not make as fine appearance as the Infty [Infantry] Corps -- Saw Sec Stanton & A.M. Meigs - Lt [Lieutenant] said the former [unclear: bring] Lt [Lieutenant] down Several Stars -- It is very likely that Genl [General] Corse will be made a Major Genl. [General] if he is our Div [Division] will be apt to remain in Savannah. Saw Capt [Captain] Thurston but did not get to speak to him -- "Hank Comstock" returned from "Hilton Head" today -- he has a small stock of "[unclear: Sutler] goods" coming by a Schooner -- We are all very anxious to get a mail. Hav'nt [Haven't] had one for 10 days -- Had a Severe Headache this evening and retired early -

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Friday January 13th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Nothing of special interest to - day [today] - Had Guard Mounting this morning Leuts [Lieutenants] Johnson Murphy & I [unclear: back] down town this evening to hear "Dr E sticks" -- not as good as we expected it would be - his subject was Pluck. Had a call from Capt [Captain] White this morning

Saturday Jan 14th 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

A large mail was announced in the morning paper, has having [having] arrived last night ([unclear: from] Steamer) - so we spent the day in anticipation of receiving a huge lot of papers and letters. The mail reached the Regiment about [unclear: 11] P.M. and we were all sadly disappointed as very few letters were received - It is two weeks since we recd [received] a mail of any size. Genl [General] Corse was made a Brevet Maj [Major] Genl [General] today. 66th Ills were relieved from duty as Provost Guards and

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rejoined the Brigade. Reading matter very scarce and we are all anxious to get a "file" of Northern papers

Sunday Jany 15th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Another small mail arrived to day [today] but "nary letter" for me. We rec'd [received] the daily papers (Gazette & Commercial) as late date as Dec 31st and we have spent most of this day reading the "News" Lt [Lieutenant] Pittman has been recommended for AAG - Lt [Lieutenant] Tyler sent in his resignation today Did not attend preaching. Had some reports to make this morning and it was after church time when I had them finished -- Had a detail for "Grand Guard" - the first since we have been in Savannah. 17 A.C. left more than a week ago for Beaufort S.C and the 1st and 2d Div [Division] of our Corps has already left and we are expecting to follow soon

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Monday Jany 16th 1865. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Was up very early this morning as I had to Inspect the Grand Guard before sending it away. "Big fuss" about forage today -- Brigade A.M has been drawing forage and not distributing it equally to the Regiments Comstocks [illegible] "John" shuffled of his mortal coil today - Detail came for the whole Regt [Regiment] tomorrow -- part for [deleted: fatg] picket and the rest for Fatigue -- The new fortifications around Savannah are being rapidly completed. It is now said that Genl [General] Fosters troops will garrison Savannah and Sherman will take all his troops with him on his next campaign.

January 17th 1865

A beautiful day - The Regiment with its Brigade was out all day working on the fortifications - Did not go out with the Regiment but

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