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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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remained in camp until after dinner when "Hank Comstock" & I rode down town. Called on "Charlie Bell." - he is clerking in the "marine transportation office" - Also called on Leut [Lieutenant] [illegible] -- Part of the 20th Corps left today -- Procured tickets for the "Opera house" -- and this evening in Company with Capt [Captain] [unclear: Comeson] Leuts [Lieutenants] Johnson Howell & Murphy went to the "show" -- which proved to be a very poor concern -- We rec'd [received] to=day [today] the news of the capture of Pocataligo by the 17th A.C. which gives us over land communication with Hilton Head via "Causeway". - This evening we recd [received] orders to be ready to move at an early moment to take as much forage & Rations as we can but no to overload the wagons. This shows we will not go by transports as expected but will go by land and also dispels the idea of the 4th Div [Division] doing Garrison duty in Savannah [deleted: I]

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a thought that Sherman intends to move in Charleston and that the city will fall within 30 days -- It is said all of The 19th Corps is on its way here -- part having already arrived.

Retired late.

Wednesday - Jany 18th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Was up early -- Heard today of the capture of Ft [Fort] Fisher at the entrance of "Cape Fear River" - by an expedition which started out after the one under Butler failed. It was assaulted and carried with heavy loss on each side [unclear: [deleted: ] ] captured 1760 officers and men and 70 pieces of artillery -- It was a glorious victory and Wilmington has lost its military importance to the enemy -- Recd [Received] orders to be ready to move tomorrow at 8 A.M. Spent the evening in "packing up" - wrote a letter home and one to Lizzie, informing them of our departure from Savannah - Sent the Muster Rolls for Nov and Dec, to Washington City --

Retired late.

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Thursday Jany 19th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up at an early hour. Left camp at 8 o clock, 81st bringing up the rear of the Brigade -- We moved down to the city and after laying a couple of hours on "South Broad St" - we crossed over the River to Hutchinson Island -- Here we had to halt on account of the "jam" of troops and trains in our front -- About this time it began to rain very hard - While waiting here Lt. [Lieutenant] Johnson and I recrossed and went to [unclear: [deleted: ] ] Saloon and got a "lunch" - but before we got back to the river we found that The Div [Division] had been ordered back to camp as the roads were found to be impassable When we reached our camp we found that every thing was burnt except the house used for Hd Qrts [Head Quarters] - Hank Comstock recd [received] some of his goods this evening - It is very probable we will start again tomorrow morning

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It is still raining very hard.

Retired late.

Friday Jany 20th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

No orders to move -- Spent the forenoon in writing. About noon heard that Leut [Lieutenant] Robinson had arrived on a steamer from New York. Sent "Charlie" down with a horse but the boat had not come up from Ft [Fort] Thunderbolt -- After dinner Lt [Lieutenant] Johnson and I went into town & found Lt. [Lieutenant] R at the "Pulaski House" -- he had never rec'd [received] official information of his "discharge" and has been on duty most of the time in Nashville he came around via New York with convalescents for Shermans army - He can out to camp with us and we have been having a regular old "Fashioned Talk" all evening -- he will remain with us several days and then go north again -- All the troops which troops [unclear: [deleted: ] ] crossed the rain yesterday - were ordered back to=day [today]

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Quite a number of wagons were left stuck in the Mud over on Hutchinson Island -- It still continues to rain very hard and the probability is we will not move very soon and when we do go it will be by transports - Heard to day [today] that Wilmington was captured but the report needs confirmation -- A small mail this evening principally papers - Nothing for me.

Saturday Jany 21st 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early and the rain still coming down in torrents - Leut [Lieutenant] Robinson & I rode down town this morning, - but it was so foggy that we couldn't see much of the city - When we returned we found that a large mail had arrived - Rec'd [Received] 4 letters, 2 from Lizzie one from Columbus and one from "Uncle Joshua." Recd [Received] a note from Adjt [Adjutant] Genl [General] of Ohio in reference to promotions. Wrote

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a letter to Columbus in reply to the Adjt [Adjutant] Genl. [General] - Also made out Rosters of officers & Sergeants but did not send them as Col [Colonel] Adams wishes to make some changes in them - Retired late after writing a letter to Lizzie.

Sunday Jany 22nd 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Did not attend preaching this morning - as I had reports to make out -- After Dinner Leut [Lieutenant] Robinson Crawford Johnson & I rode down to Bonaventure Cemetry [Cemetery] -- and not withstanding the rain - we were well paid for our trouble - The scenery around the cemetry [cemetery] is grand -- it is just full of grand old "live oaks" covered with Spanish moss -- making everything present a sad and melancholy appearance - We brought quite a number of [illegible] of moss evergreens & c. [et cetera] Wrote a long letter to "Fannie" and [illegible]

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