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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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Shermans order concerning the coming campaigns - Army of the Tenn under Genl [General] Howard to concentrate at on Pocataligo S.C. The army of the Cumberland under [illegible] to concentrate at Robertville S.C. -- both armies to load their wagons with the same amount of supplies as on the "Savannah Campaign" and then both armies to march onwards.

Retired late.

Monday Jany 30th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Left camp at 6 1/2 A.M. 81st in advance of the Brigade. Halt at Springfield nearly an hour for the roads to be repaired & for Kilpatricks Calvary to pass. 1st Brigade also passed us here. Roads some better than yesterday. Went into Camp at 4 oclock. 2 1/2 mile from "Sisters Ferry." 20th Corps in camp 2 mile in our rear. It is likely we will

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remain here three or four days weather cold & clear. Country level - soil Sandy -- Timber pine and "scrub oak" -- distance marched 10 mile - Private Mathis 'A" Co. [Company] had his leg broken to day [today] by a falling tree.

Tuesday Jany 31st 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Remained in camp all day. Men busy washing & drying their clothes - Weather moderating - Heard to day [today] that "Hood" with 20.000 was at Columbia S.C. The report is said to be reliable -- It is likely we will get a mail before we leave here - Several men of the 20th Corps were killed & wounded by torpedoes across the River to day [today] .

Wednesday Feby 1st '65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

No orders to move. Spent the forenoon in writing. After dinner Lt. [Lieutenant] Johnson and rode down to the ferry and crossed over into S.C.

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Roads were being repaired by the 14th and 20th Corps. Saw where several torpedoes had been taken out. It will be several days before we get away from here. Heard to day [today] that our corps was at Hickory Hill S.C. and expected us to join them there. Am afraid this part of the army is delaying the rest. Genl [General] Sherman has ordered [unclear: Slocum] to "hurry up" - We are losing precious time waiting here. -- Weather warm and pleasant.

Thursday, Feby 2nd 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Another pleasant day. Remained in the office during the forenoon. Wrote 2 letters. One to Father and the other to Lizzie. 1st and 3rd Brigs [Brigades] reviewed by Genl [General] Corse today and We are ordered to prepare for review tomorrow. In the afternoon Lt. [Lieutenant] Pittman & I rode down to the 14th A.C. to see some

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of his friends and from there we went to the "Ferry" & then to camp. Col [Colonel] Campbell D[illegible] Newell & c [et cetera] & c [et cetera] passed the Brigade to day [today] - they report the 23 A.C. on its way here. Retired early. Appearance of rain.

Friday, Feby 3rd 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early and found it raining. Review postponed untill [until] after dinner on account of the rain. Spent the forenoon laying around doing nothing with plenty of help. At 2 oclock we were out in an open field and were reviewed by Genl [General] Corse. After the review - we had Brigade drill - the Brigade is said to have made a fine appearance. Had Dress Parade this evening & read a lot of orders in reference to the coming campaigns. We are not allowed to take [illegible]

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This alone will be used for shelter. 2d Div [Division] 20th Corp train moving out this evening. It is raining quite hard - has the appearance of a "wet spell." Retired early.

Saturday Feby 4th 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early and found it raining 2d Div [Division] 20th Corps [unclear: [deleted: ] ] passed our camp this morning on route for the River. Had a fine battalion drill in the forenoon - the weather having cleared off. We were ordered have Brigade Drill. but just as we were "falling in" Leut [Lieutenant] Pittman informed us that the Review was postponed as we were ordered to be ready to move at once. 12th Ills left at 11 A.M. and went ahead to repair roads. We left camp at 3 P.M. Reached [illegible]

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dusk. Where we had to wait sometime for the 1st Brigade to get out of the way. As each [unclear: Div [Division] ] entered S.C. they gave a yell - We advanced up the River about 3 mile over the worst Country imaginable and went into camp about 9 P.M. Ordered to draw 2 days Rations and 2 days Hard [unclear: Bread] extra. A very foggy night. Our first night on the "Sacred Soil" Retired at 11 P.M.

Sunday Feby 5th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early. 81st ordered to go ahead at 8 oclock with axes. One Reg [Regiment] from each Brigade was sent forward. We were busy all day fixing roads and only traveled 3 mile - just across a large swamp where we went into camp. It was 3 P.M. before the 20th A.C. got out of our way. [illegible]

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