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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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Brigade had the advance of the Div [Division] & we found the roads fine. We crossed the RR (C&A) near Grahams station & traveled in a northly direction and crossed the South Edisto River [deleted: not] at some ferry near where 17 al Hdqrs [Head Quarters] were - and proceeded on the Orangeburgh road. Went in camp at 3.30 p.m. 14 mile west of Orangeburgh. We were in camp near where a union lady lived who had befriended some of our escaped prisoners. Said part of the 17th al and 3 Div [Division] of our Corps passed the house occupied by Gen [General] Sherman last night - The RR we crossed was entirely destroyed - We will not see Augusta as some supposed - for the army seems to be moving towards Columbia - Country fine. Weather warm and pleasant. Timber pine & oak. Rec'd [Received] an old mail to day [today]

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Which had been at Corps Hdqrs [Head Quarters] for some time. Nothing for me. Genl [General] Hills corps is said to be in Branchville - do not think Sherman will give him battle if he can possible help it. Retired early.

Sunday Febry 12th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to start at 6 but it was near 8 am before we were under way. our brigade having the rear - Marched about 10 mile and went into camp at one P.M. 2 mile from the north Edisto River & 6 from Orangeburgh. 1st and 2nd Divs [Divisions] are crossing the river this evening. Dept Hdqrs [Department Head Quarters] is at Orangeburgh to=night [tonight] . It was thought yesterday that the enemy would certainly give us battle to day [today] at the Edisto River but "nary fight." Lt [Lieutenant] Tylers resignation accepted. A warm pleasant day. quite windy & smokey this eve -- Country poor & sandy.

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Monday Febry 13 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up at 4 and left at 5 a.m. but it was nearly 8 a.m. before we crossed Edisto River. After crossing the River our Division took the advance of the Corps - traveled on the Columbia road and this evening we are 20 mile from Capitol of S.C. - distance marched 20 mile - Had good roads. Country average good weather Cold & clear. Did not find any enemy in our front. Passed through a great many turpentine camps - they were on fire and the smoke was almost unendurable - Gens [Generals] Sherman, Howard and Logan were with us to=day [today] and have their Hdqrs [Head Quarters] near us. Am very anxious to get out of this pine Country. as it is just impossible to keep clean. Heard to=day [today] that Gen [General] Schofield had landed

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at New Berne N.C. with 23d Al - We are all surprised on this campaign at not meeting with any opposition - It is uncertain whether we will visit Columbia we may leave it to our - [unclear: Capt - Are] in camp on Little Beaver Creek tonight.

Tuesday 14th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to march at 7 am our Brigade having the advance. We passed through Sand Town [illegible] Here we struck the Old Charleston road. Crossed Sand town creek and went in Camp 2 mile from the creek and 14 from Columbia about 12 [unclear: noon] - We were ordered to fortify but the order was countermanded just as we were ready to go to work - It began to rain about 1 P.M - and it continued to rain all afternoon and evening. Read "Enock Arden" this evening - think it is perfectly

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splendid. Retired early - distance marched 10 mile. Country average good.

Wednesday Feby 15th 1865. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to march at 8 A.M. and were under way at the appointed time - Our Brigade in rear of the Division. Soon after starting we halted and I read a lot of orders to the Regiment -- 1st and 2nd Divs [Divisions] in advance and were skirmishing with the enemy nearly all day. We marched [unclear: [deleted: ] ] mile - halted ate our Supper. and the Div [Division] was ordered forward 2 mile and went in Camp on the banks of the Congaree Creek. - The enemy were fortified on this creek but were driven back. Roads down near the creek very bad, - do not think there can be a very large force in our front. Saw [illegible] this evening. Has been cloudy all day but has cleared off and a prospect for a bright day tomorrow. - We cannot be

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more than 4 mile from Columbia. - Our whole army is concentrated near here. - It is still very uncertain whether Sherman takes the place - but we are all certain he can enter the place if he wishes to do so.

Thursday Feby 16th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Late yesterday evening we rec'd [received] orders That if the enemy left our front during the night the demonstration against Columbia would be continued . This morning we found that the enemy had fallen back during the night. - About 8 a.m. our Div [Division] crossed the Congaree Creek and advanced across a very large plain in full view of the city - All the [illegible] corps was on this plain - 1st and 2nd Divs [Divisions] in our front and 3rd in rear. - It was indeed the grandest sight I ever saw. "The whole corps could be seen at once. I have often read of Generals "marshalling their hosts for battle " but

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