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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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About 1 P.M. we struck the road traveled by our corps and the rest of the day we marched on a parallel road with the 3d Div [Division] - our teams were in rear of 3d Div [Division] and reached us about 8 A.M. Our route today was through a section of country known as "Sand Hills" which is by far the poorest country I have seen in the Southern Confederacy. Our whole army is under way moving northward - There is no telling where we will halt next.

Tuesday Feby 21st 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Left camp at 5 1/2 A.M. our Regt [Regiment] having the advance of everything - Marched northward. Sherman has again "fooled" the enemy - yesterday he threatened Camden and to day [today] he took a course due north leaving Camden in our Rear and right. - Marched 20 mile and encamped in "Dutch Creek" some 3 or 4 mile east of Wainsboro.

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Country [added very] rolling and productive - weather warm and pleasant - in camp early and had a splendid supper of corn cakes "& [unclear: other] good things. - We occupy the extreme right of the army.

Wednesday Feby 22d 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to move at 7 A.M. but as we were in the rear of our Div [Division] it was 10 oclock when we got under way. - We had to wait for the 1st Div [Division] to pass us. - Just as we were starting heard cannonading in front but did not learn the cause of it. Passed through Poplar Springs - a one horse Country town. Consisting of a store and "Blacksmith Shop." Went into Camp. one mile from Peays Ferry on the Wateree River - distance marched 7 mile. - Saw a great many refugees today - they are in camp near us. - Country very hilly - weather clear & pleasant. Col [Colonel] Adams and St [Sergeant] Pittman had a difficulty

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just as we were going in camp. - Pittman says he will not remain any longer as a.a.a.G. - but Col [Colonel] will not relieve him.

Thursday Feby 23d 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early and left at 7 A.M. and crossed Wataree River - a narrow deep stream - Here all the Extra and worthless animals were taken by the Inspector Genls [Generals] and the worthless ones shot. Country very hilly - Passed through Liberty Hill - a small country town which contained some nice country residences - It was nine oclock before we went into camp and as our trains were in the rear - it was 12 M. before we got our supper. Has been drizzling rain all afternoon. which made it very unpleasant marching. Lieut [Lieutenant] Pittman was relieved as a.a.a.G. of the Brigade and reported to the Rgt [Regiment] for duty and was assigned to the command of Co [Company] D. Col [Colonel] Adams

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has not selected another adjutant. Marched 15 mile.

Friday Feby 24th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

No orders to be ready to move this morning and consequently when we were ordered to "fall in" at 7 A.M. we were not ready. A great many of the men had to start without eating breakfast. It rained all last night and as our "fly" was leaky we passed an uncomfortable night. It rained nearly all forenoon. Consequently roads were[unclear: heavy] and marching bad OurRegt [Regiment] was in the advance of everything to=day [today]. We should have gone to "Flat Rock Church" last night but Gen [General] Hagen who was in the advance yesterday got on the wrong road this side Liberty Hill and Gen [General] Corse followed him. We traveled on the main Camden road untill [until] within 5 mile of Camden. where we changed our direction to the left and[unclear: faced]

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near the village of Kirkwood where we left the main Camden road. Col [Colonel] Adams with the 12th Ills and Cos of the 66 Ills Infty [Infantry] was ordered to proceed to Camden and take the place if possible - He entered the town without loss. - destroyed a large lot of Commissary stores. R.R depot &c. [et cetera] &c. [et cetera] He skirmished over the battle of "[unclear: Hobkirks] Hill" - Camden is said to be a very beautiful country town -

After leaving the Camden road we passed through a level sandy pine country. Saw the finest Southern Residence today I have ever seen - "Cool Springs residence" .Quite a number of prisoners were captured to day [today] among them a Rebel Captain a C.S. Col [Colonel] Adams came in from Camden about 7 P M. Has commenced raining again this evening and I fear we will have another wet night. We are in camp in a

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turpentine camp about 7 mile north of Camden. .We have been hearing rumors of the evacuation of Charleston by the enemy. and I guess the place has been abandoned by them and the "Blue Coats" are occupants of the town . We are now nearing the boundary line between North and South Carolina and unless we change our direction to the east we will in a few days enter North Carolina . It is very uncertain where we will reach the coast. - Distance marched 20 mile. We are on the Cheraw road this eve.

Saturday Feby 25th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to march at 7 A.M. but it was near 8. before we were under way. The 2d Div [Division] and our Div [Division] have been traveling on the same road for some days. To=day [Today] the 2d Div [Division] had the road and we either had to make a parallel road or march in the rear. Gen [General] Corse [unclear: chose the]

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