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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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former and as we only marched 7 mile we got in camp as soon as the 2d Div. [Division] We marched in a northeast direction all day. on the Cheraw Road. In camp near a turpentine "distillery." Still cloudy and drizzling rain, very sharp thunder & lightening just as we were going to bed.

Sunday Feby 26th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to be ready to move at 6. A M. but it was a hour later before we broke camp. Marched 7 mile to Lynch' s Creek. and here we halted several hours. On account of the recent rains the stream was very much swollen and it was found to be impossible to cross the supply and ordinance trains. The creek is more like a swamp than anything else. .All the Brigades waded across and the 1st and 3d Brigades trains started and this evening about

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half of them are "stuck in the mud." The stream is more than half a mile in width and Bumpy my horse fell down with me on crossing and a "ducking" was the consequence -- Col [Colonel] Adams Capt [Captain] Cameron and quite a number of others met with similar luck. The stream is rising very rapidly & there is no telling how soon our wagons will get over. We are [unclear: [deleted: ] ] here without any blankets and it is impossible to send over after them. We sent after our cooks. They succeeded in effecting a crossing. Lt [Lieutenant] Johnson came with them. They had to swim their horses. Lt [Lieutenant] J attempted to recross but he got cracked and about faced and he will spend the night with us -- Our Brigade foragers had quite a spirited little fight with the enemy today. Col [Colonel] Davis 1 Co [Company] received 7. sabre cuts. which were inflicted by the hands of a Lieut [Lieutenant] Col. [Colonel] Our losses 2

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wounded. Rebel loss said to be 15 killed -- The foragers certainly deserve great credit for their bravery and gallantry. - The enemy are Cavalry belong to Sutlers command and are just from Richmond.

Our direction to day has been north east -- Weather clear and pleasant . Do not think we will soon forget this day. We are ordered to be under arms tomorrow morning at daylight. We are anxious to hear some northern news. It will be at least 10 days before we have communication. Crossed Lynchs Creek at "[unclear: Tellers] bridge".

Monday Feby' 27 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Slept soundly last night before a huge log fire - under arms at 6 A M. After breakfast went down to the crossing. The 3rd Brigade were pulling their teams out by hand. - They were in the mud water and mire all night. Lieut [Lieutenant] Johnson

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with several others re - crossed the creek this morning and were all capsized - Spent the day laying around "loose" doing nothing with plenty of help. The creek is still impassable for man and beast. Preparations are being made to build a foot bridge & [unclear: Stream] it is partly built tonight. Water falling fast. A warm pleasant day but it has the appearance of rain. Am ordered to report to Col [Colonel] Adams tomorrow morning as A.A.A.G. of the Brigade. Lt [Lieutenant] Pittman I suppose will be my successor in the Regiment. Retired early.

Tuesday Febry 28th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early. Regt [Regiment] under arms at daylight. Reported to Col [Colonel] Adams and entered upon my duties as A.A.A.G. - Lieut [Lieutenant] [unclear: Gillell] and I after various attempts succeeded in crossing the creek to where our teams are parked" . When we

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returned the foot bridge was completed. [Prisoners?] busy corduroying and bridging the creek. Teams commenced crossing by dusk. Our Brigade wagons had the advance but it was near 11 oclock before they were all over. We put up a tent and "crawled in" for the night. Has been drizzling rain nearly all day. Lt [Lieutenant] Pittman is Act Adjt [Adjutant] 81st Ohio. No news of any importance only that we will be apt to move some time tomorrow.

Wednesday March 1st 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Slept late. Spent the forenoon in the office. 150 men detailed from the Brigade to report at the creek to build "Corduroy" -- At noon we rec'd [received] orders to be ready to move as the teams were across. - Under way at 2 p.m. Marched 10 mile over a poor pine country in a direction in a direction

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a little north of east on the Cheraw road and went in camp on Black Creek - Still cloudy & strong appearance of rain Heard to day [today] of the capture of Wilmington by Gen [General] Schofield - Troops ordered to be under arms at daylight - There is a probability of our remaining here tomorrow.

Thursday Mar 2 d 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up early. Remained in the office during the forenoon. Issued an order consolidating the Field Bands of the Regiments - No orders to move untill [until] 1 P M. when we received orders that the Div [Division] would move across Black River and go in camp. Our Brigade to bring up the rear. About 4 P.M. Gen [General] Howard & staff came up and went into camp - as it would be very late before our Div [Division] could get across Black River -- Our Brigade ordered to remain as guards to Gen [General] Howard s train.

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