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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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Rest of the Div [Division] ordered six mile ahead on the Cheraw Road. - A very cloudy day. quite a large Rebel force reported at Cheraw. - Capt [Captain] Cameron has quite a time assisting a refugee family to go with us tomorrow.

Friday Mar 3d 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to be ready to move at 6 1/2 A. M. but as we had to move in the rear of Gen [General] Howards train - it was 8 oclock before we were across Black Creek .The trains kept out of our way and we had a splendid march of 20 mile - reaching "Thompsons Creek" and in camp at 5 P.M. - Caught up with the Div [Division] about 3 P.M. Drizzling rain in forenoon but the sun shines out by spells after. dinner - Country - poor. soil sandy Timber pine and oak. Cheraw was taken by the

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17 A.C. today -- They entered the town after a slight skirmish capturing 17 cannon 300 small arms and some prisoners. Brigade Drum Corps marched at head of the Brigade and [unclear: discerned] "sweet strains of martial music." - In camp 5 mile from Cheraw.

Wednesday Mar 4th 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to march at 1.0 A M but just as we were eating breakfast at 7. A M. we rec'd [received] orders to move out at once. Moved down Thompsons Creek and there waited several hours before crossing. Passed through Cheraw with bands playing and colors flying - marched north of town one mile & a half and went in camp - distance marched 6 1/2 mile -- Country good - Weather cloudy with rain in the forenoon. Rebel papersrec'd [received] reporting capture of Wilmington, Columbia & Charleston.

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Our troops are laying pontoons across the "Great Pedee" and our army will begin to cross immediately - Suppose Sherman will move to the coast as soon as possible. as Rations are getting "Slim" -- We may get communication at Fayettville. We are all very anxious to get a mail and hear from home - Just one month to=day [today] since we "cut loose" .Heard distant cannonading south east -- do not know where it can be - Rebel force said to be fortified across the River about a mile but think it is untrue. -- If the Rebs get in our way we may expect a fight for Sherman will not run around them.

March 5th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Remained in camp all day. Capt [Captain] Cameron had inspection of arms and accoutrements. Regts [Regiments] presented a very good appearance.

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Cheraw was nearly destroyed by fire - explosions were quite frequent as we were destroying ordnance stores. 17th A.C crossing the river to=day [today] . We will go over tomorrow. 3 d Brigade in town doing "Provost duty." Rec'd [Received] an old mail this evening, which had been with the 14th A.C, since we left Sister's Ferry. Retired early.

Monday Mar 6th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to march at 8 oclock and were under way at the appointed time. Our Div [Division] in rear of 1st and 2d Brigade in advance. We marched down to Cheraw and as the 1st Div [Division] were not across the "Great Pedee" we halt several hours for them to get out of the way. Soon after we had halted - we were all startled by a terrific explosion[deleted: s] of powder and shells. which had been thrown into a ravine and set on fire by some careless soldiers - The glass was broken in every window in town.

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Three or four houses were thrown down by the explosion[deleted: s]. One man in the 81st was killed by a falling building and 2 wounded. Quite a number were killed in Gen [General] Woods division - The amount of [deleted: explosions] powder exploded is said to have been two (2) tons -- It created a great stampede among horses and teams -- Whilst in Cheraw visited a very old grave yard. The following quaint inscription was on one of the slabs --

"My name, my country what are They This what -- Whether high or low my Pedigree Perhaps .I far surpassed all other men Perhaps -- I fell below them all -- What then? Suffice it stranger though seeist a tomb Though knowest it use it hides no matter whom"

Saw what was said to be Gen [General] Marions tomb - but think it doubtful as he must have been buried at Eutaw Springs. - Left Cheraw S.C. about 10 oclock. 3d Brig [Brigade] of our Div [Division] left to bring up

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the rear - Marched 6 mile and went into camp on Fayettville road -- has been a bright clear day. Brigade camped in line - We will be apt to reach Communication by Saturday.

Tuesday Mar 7th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up at 5 1/2 A M - ordered to move at 7. A M - 2d Brigade in rear - as the 3d Brigade had not come up from Cheraw. - Marched 10 mile through the best country we have seen in S.C. and encamped at 1 oclock near "Gordums Mills" - Forage plenty Country thickly settled - 2 men from 66th Ills captured by the enemy -- no news -- only question of interest is when will we reach a "base"[illegible] Ills had Dress Parade this eve. - It is rumored that our forces occupy Fayettville - Retired at nine (9) oclock. -- Quite a lot of Clothing &c. [et cetera] &c. [et cetera] found near our Head qrs. [Head quarters]

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