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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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Wednesday Mar 8th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Moved at 8. A M. Our Brigade in rear - Marched 8 mile. Has been a very "rainy day" and a very hard days march. - Roads very much cut up as 1st Div [Division] had the advance. Marched on the Laurensburgh road and went in camp across "[illegible] Swamp" - near Springfield. It was the intention for us to have reached Laurensburgh but rain and the heavy roads prevented. The other Brigades did not cross the swamp - We "picketed" our own [unclear: post] - Have a "Log House" for Hdqrs [Head quarters] which is very comfortable on account of the rain. This is our first night in N.C and a rough days march it has been.

Thursday Mar 9th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to move at 6. A M. but as we were in the rear it was an hour later before we were under way - Passed through Springfield

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- Did not take the direct "Laurel Hill" road." - but struck the road traveled by the 2 and 3d Divs [Divisions]. Reached "Laurel Hill" about 3 P.M. - Here we halted several hours - during which time the rain came down in perfect torrents. - After we left "Laurel Hill" we found several mile of the worst roads I ever saw -- it was almost an impossibility to get along with a horse - as the ground was very treacherous and one was liable to "go under" on the most solid looking ground" - It continued to rain very hard. About dark the 81st was ordered forward to build "Corduroy" but they didn't do much - in fact the road was bad all alike and it was impossible to determine where to Corduroy. - The whole Brigade pushed ahead of the teams several miles and halted at a house near "Juniper Creek Swamp" Here we Caught up with the 1st Brigade - The Bridge was broken down and a new one had

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be built. by the time the bridge was Completed it was 10 oclock and most of our train had "closed up" - but the wagons were very slow in crossing the River - It was the intention to have camped 2 mile across the swamp and accordingly Gen [General] Corse with 3rd B had gone in Camp. but was ordered forward 6 mile further by Genl [General] Logan. he said we must Cross Lumber River tonight but here we are at 12 M. the 4' Div [Division] occupying about 6 mile of the road. Most of the train is in "park" just across the Creek. - About half an hour ago our Brig [Brigade] rec'd [received] orders to go in camp on this side -- It will be very late before we get our suppers -- Has quit raining -- The hardest days march of the Campaign - though we have not marched more than 8 mile Have a house for Hdqrs. [Head quarters] Our 2 days in N.C. has not been very pleasant.

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Friday Mar 10th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

It was 1 1/2 A.M. this morning before we got our suppers. An escaped Capt [Captain] and a refugee Lady took supper with us. - After supper we found that our "host" an old "Frenchman" was a Celebrated violinist - and Capt [Captain] Cameron and Lt [Lieutenant] Gillell obtained a violin and from that untill [until] "dewy morn" they discovered sweet strains of music. Lieut [Lieutenant] H and I "crawled in" at 2 1/2 A.M. but Lieut [Lieutenant] Gillell sat up with the violinist until "reveille" -- Do not think I will soon forget last nights proceedings - Ordered to march at 6 A. M - Crossed Juniper Creek swamp and marched 7 mile over bad roads. Crossed "Sumter Creek" and went in "temporary" camp at 3 P.M. At 4 P.M 12 Ills was ordered out to repair roads - Rest of Brigade ordered "in camp" for the night - After dark had a "darkey dance" -- Retired at 9 P.M

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Weather cloudy and cool - Issued Circular in reference to straggling. Div [Division] train moved out 4 mile to "Bethel Church."

Saturday Mar 11; 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Moved at 5.30 A.M - The 1st Brigade and supply train started for "Bethel" Church last night but it was 3. oclock this morning before they got in camp - Distance from "Bethel Church" from where we started 4 mile and the most miserable roads I ever saw. At B.C. the 12th Ills joined the Brigade - Marched 14 mile and went in camp at 7. P.M. on The north bank of "Grays Creek" -- About 4. P.M I went ahead & ascertained where the Brigade would camp -- It was 10 1/2 before our train came up and 12. M before we ate our "scanty meal" -- Has been a clear pleasant day - last 10 mile splendid roads -- 1st and 3d Divs [Divisions] camped in rear of us two mile - 2d Div

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[Division] in front - Fayetteville was occupied by our troops to=day [today] without much resistance entered by the 14th A.C - We are 14 mile from "F" and will get there sometime tomorrow -- We have been expecting to make a base on the "Cape Fear River" -- but it is very uncertain -- It makes 35 days out from [unclear: [deleted: ] ] Communication and consequently we are all very anxious to get through and hear from the "Dear ones" at home -- Men are getting "bad off" for clothing - Quite a number of the men are "barefooted" and for men to march this time of the year "barefooted" over rough roads is anything but pleasant

Sunday March 12" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to move at 6 A.M. but as we had to bridge "Rocky Fish Creek" - it was after that time before we were under way. Our Brigade in the advance. Passed

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