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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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through Pickville and went in camp 2 mile from Fayetteville - distance marched 12 mile. Country very level - poor & Sandy. Our whole army is Concentrated in and around Fayetteville - Lieut [Lieutenant] Grimell & one officer and two men "Gentlemen" - Came Through from Wilmington reaching our line to=day [today] - with important orders for Sherman. They left Wilmington a week ago - They attempted to Come up the "Cape Fear River in boats - but as the enemy lined the banks - They had to abandon them and Take to the swamps - It is said That our forces will Commence to cross the River tomorrow and That we will move on to Goldsboro N.C. We again have rumors of The evacuation of Richmond - Capt [Captain] C. inspected the Brigade and Regimental teams and found a great many valuable articles.

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- distance marched 14 mile. It is very probable that we will remain here tomorrow.

Monday Mar 13" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Remained in camp all day - as there was a prospect of sending mail. I wrote two letters - one to Father and one to Lizzie - Col [Colonel] Adams and Dr Jacobs went to Fayetteville this afternoon. - 20th and 14'A.C. are crossing the River -- We are ordered to cross tomorrow and will go in camp to the right of the 17th Al and will be apt to remain there several days - Fayetteville is said to be quite an old place - it Contains an old arsenal which is being tore down. .We are expecting to get a mail before we leave here - distance marched since we left Savannah -- 410 mile -- .

Tuesday March 14" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to move at daylight - Our brigade in rear - but the 17 AC

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did not get over Cape Fear River untill [until] after dinner and it was 4 P.M. before our Div [Division] was across. Three boats came up this morning. I went down about the time They came up. and procured a lot of New York papers. and we spent the day very pleasantly reading the news -- latest paper was of date Mar 6. 81st detailed to Unload Rations and reported to Col [Colonel] Carpenter. We crossed The river a mile below Fayetteville consequently did not get to see much of the City. - As we crossed a [illegible] inspection was held of the animals was made and all unauthorized or worthless animals were seized and the former shot. All the refugees and contrabands were left at the River they will be sent to Wilmington Our Div [Division] has at least 1000 contrabands and it was not an unusual sight to see from

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20 to 30 in a wagon - It will be quite a relief to get clear of them. We went in camp a mile from the River - In anticipation of the advance on Goldsboro we are ordered to have 5 half days Rations on hands - Div [Division] supply trains are to be organized into one train and a guard detailed for it and it will march in rear of the 17. A.C Troops are ordered to go in "light marching order." The general impression is that our Corps and one from the "left wing" .will make a feint on Raleigh in order to draw the enemy from Gen [General] Schofield's front. do not think we will have much fighting to - do. Our Brigade and Regt [Regiment] trains will accompany us -- Mail left today - but not much prospect of getting any. - A large amount of ordinance Stores destroyed in Fayetteville. Retired early

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Wednesday Mar 15" 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to move at 9. A.M 2d Brigade in the center. Marched on the direct road to Bremans X Roads which is the direct road to Goldsboro - Marched 12 mile over a poor country - a great many swamps. but as our train was not long - we moved along briskly - About 12 N. we had a hard thunder Shower and it continued to rain most of the afternoon - Went into camp at 3:30 - A mile from "Black Creek" - Enemy on the opposite side and skirmishing going on very lively - Col [Colonel] Adams Capt [Captain] C &G went down the river and remained untill [until] dusk - They reported that the 7th Iowa had effected a crossing - 66 Ills ordered out and I went to conduct them to where the 7th had crossed - Got lost but soon

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found the right road. Remained at the creek untill [until] the 66 Ills had started across and then started for camp. On the way I met Gen [General] Corse who informed that the enemy had all left -- When I left the 66; who crossed a mile above the road. It was supposed the enemy were still in force on the opposite side and it was the intention to Charge them in the morning but alas! "he that fights and runs away may live to fight another day." "Black Creek" is narrow deep stream with swamps on both sides and would have been a splendid place to have made a stand.

Thursday March 16' 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to move at 6.30. Our Brigade in advance - Crossed Black or South Creek and marched six mile in the direction of Bremans X Roads where we found the enemy. The 7th Ills & foragers had quite a

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