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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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brisk engagement the enemy replying with artillery - The 81st Ohio was ordered forward as support - after driving them about a mile beyond the forks of a road. The Division took a road leading to the left - Our Brigade holding the forks of the road untill [until] relieved by Gen [General] Hagens Div [Division] - We joined the Div [Division] just as it was going in camp at "Rays Church" (distance 10 mile). Have our Hdqrs [Head Quarters] in the church. Has been raining most of the day and is still raining at 9 P.M - Consequently we Consider ourselves very fortunate in having a house for Hdqrs [Head Quarters] -- Heard glorious news today -- Schofield has defeated Bragg near Kinston and Phil Sheridan is within 4 days march of us with 5 Divs [Divisions] of Cavalry -- good! good -- if only true Whole Corps in our Rear and 20' Corps near us. Sam Wiley

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81st Ohio was wounded in the skirmish today [to=day] - Roads will be very bad tomorrow -- Country as usual very poor.

Friday Mar 17" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Moved at 7 A.M. Our Brigade in The rear of the Div [Division] - found the roads miserable the first two mile. Only marched 5 mile and went in camp at -- -- 12 Ills sent forward to occupy and hold the bridge across "[unclear: Mingo] Creek" but the enemy had destroyed it. so They returned reaching our camp at dusk -- A bright clear day. Quite a number of horses were appraised "Lucy Ann" was valued at $55. 14[illegible] Corps had quite a fight yesterday with Hardee and defeated him -- No particulars -- We have Rumors of the occupation of Goldsboro by Genl [General] Schofield. We are expecting to meet "Phil Sheridan" any day. "Rebs" reported to be in force - 12 mile on our left. - Retired early.

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Saturday March 18" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Broke camp at 9. A M - 2d Brigade in center of Div [Division] and Div [Division] in rear of Corps. Marched 12 mile in the direction of Evertsville - through a country somewhat better than we have been having. Went in camp at Sundown at "Little Coharel Church" near a X roads. The ground we occupy tonight. was used as a camping ground for "Wade Hamptons" Cav - The advance had quite a little skirmish near our camp. We are now on the Clinton Road. Have a house for Hdqrs. [Head quarters] Have the tooth - ache and retire early.

Sunday March 19' 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Broke camp at 8. A M - 1st and 3d Divs [Divisions] in our front. Owing to the bad roads - but little advance was made until 3 P M - During the day there has been heavy firing in direction of the "Army of the Cumberland" and we have heard various

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rumors as to the result. of the battle. - We marched 16 mile and went in Camp at 9. P.M. on The Goldsboro road 2 mile from the Neuse River. - But it was midnight before The Brigade train came up. I took supper at Div [Division] Hdqrs. [Head quarters] There is a strong probability that we will have an engagement tomorrow. Men are fortifying. Rebel force of 30,000 said to be in our front and that we may possibly have some fighting to do yet before we are through - No news from Schofield or Sheridan - Though we are anxiously expecting to hear from them both -- This has not seemed much like Sunday.

Monday Mar 20" 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

I did not go to bed untill [until] 2 a.m. this morning. Rec'd [Received] orders to move on the Bentonville road - prepared for battle - No trains to be taken except ambulances and ordinance

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train -- Our Div [Division] in rear of 1st . We broke camp at 7. oclock and marched down to near Coxe's bridge where we turned to the left. and marched up the Neuse River. on the Fayetteville & Bentonville road. 1st Div [Division] found one Regt [Regiment] of Cav in their front and skirmished with them four or five mile untill [until] we came near the "Mill Creek" where the Corps was put in shape for fight. For a while it looked very much as if we would have a general engagement. but the day wore away without battle -- We evidently took the enemy by surprise - Coming in on their flank and seems to me we lost a "Golden opportunity" in not attacking Them vigorously. They are fortifying tonight -- but it is thought the [they] will evacuate tonight - Our Brigade built several line of works. - Our Brigade train is up and will enjoy a good nights Sleep not withstanding the constant firing

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on the picket line. Reports say the. enemy lost very heavy in the fight of yesterday - Schofield will occupy Goldsboro tonight -

Tuesday Mar 21st 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Was awakened at 4 1/2 this morning by heavy firing on the line - but proved to be a "false alarm" - About 10 A.M our Brigade advanced 200 yds and threw up a new "line of works." At 2 P M Genl [General] Corse ordered that our skirmishen line should be advanced across the swamp in our front - and if possible get possession of the enemy's Rifle Pits -- The skirmish line under command of Capt [Captain] Burton 12" Ills Infty [Infantry] reinforced by a Co [Company] from 66" Ills [added was ordered forward] and the Regiment ordered to follow up in support -- They crossed the swamp and obtained possession of the enemy Rifle Pits - but owing to their nearness to the main Rebel works it was found impossible to hold them - and the order to fall back was given which was

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