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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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done in good order. - All along the line there was constant firing but without any result. Brigade lost one (1) killed and 11 wounded. We are ordered to be ready for an early advance Tomorrow and it is probable we will have an engagement Tomorrow. Retired late. Has rained hard all afternoon - Gen [General] Terry is reported at Coxes Bridge.

Wednesday Mar 22", 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

This morning we found that the enemy had "skeddadled" during The night. 66' and 81st were ordered forward to ascertain how far the enemy had gone - They could'nt [couldn't] be found so "Good Bye" Mr Johnston -- It is supposed he has fallen back to Smithfield and thence to Raleigh - It is generally supposed that our campaign is at an end - and a long Campaign it has been - 54 days since we left Savannah - Our army will

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fall back near Goldsboro and there remain long enough to refit. It is said Sherman is well pleased about the way the Campaign has ended. This afternoon our Brigade rec'd [received] orders to take the Goldsboro road and proceed 1 mile and repair the roads. We found a few bad places and repaired Them - Have a house for Hdqrs. [Head quarters] Are 19 mile from Goldsboro -- A clear pleasant day - though very windy -- Saw Capt [Captain] White this eve.

Thurs [deleted: Feby] [added Mar] 23d 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Broke camp at 6 1/2 A.M. Our Brigade in Center of Div [Division] - After marching 3 mile we Struck the road marched by us several days ago. -- Here we had to halt about an hour to allow the 20" Corps to pass. -- Marched 10 mile and went in camp near "Falling Creek" -- a very windy day - Gen [General] Sherman has issued. an order announcing that the Campaign is at an end. And none of the

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soldiers are sorry. It is said our Corps will halt at Goldsboro. There is a strong probability that the 81st Div [Division] will be mustered out as soon as we get through - then "Good Bye" to the army for I am a going home. We are about 8 mile from Goldsboro this eve.

Friday March 24" 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Last night we rec'd [received] orders to march at 6 1/2 A M. - About one hour later The order was Countermanded as it was reported the enemy were crossing the River above Genl [General] Terry and [illegible] are ordered to keep the troops well in hand - ready for any emergency but it proved to be a "false alarm. Broke camp at 7 A M. & marched on the Goldsboro road -- Crossed Neuse River at the RR. bridge - Passed through Goldsboro and was reviewed by Genl [General] Sherman. Went in camp 2 mile from town on the right of 2d Div [Division] Shermans whole army

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is here and since being joined by Schofield and Terry. we must number near 100.0 men. The RR. will be repaired in a few days - We expect to get mail and rations tomorrow - Well - our campaign is ended and a grand Campaign it has been - 56 days since we left Savannah and the distance marched 502 mile - Goldsboro is rather an insignificant place - We will have to move our camp tomorrow to it permanent location.

Saturday March 25 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

The Regiments were moved forward this morning - and we are ordered to fortify - The work was "laided off" by Lieut [Lieutenant] Atkins - Rec'd [Received] 144 men for the Brigade today mostly for the [unclear: 12] Ills. First train came up from New Berne this morning -- Spent the day reading writing and wishing for a mail -- Some late papersrec'd [received] glorious news from every quarter. Regt [Regiment] called on for Report of the Campaign.

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Sunday March 26" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

This has been a day for rejoicing in Shermans army for two reasons - first - a full supply of rations was issued and we rec'd [received] a huge mail - I rec'd [received] 13. Quite a number of Commissions came for the 81st. Hays .Rush. Sellers Post Murphy and Hasborough. to 1st Lieuts. [Lieutenants] Johnson Howell Crawford to Captains -- do not think I shall accept as I would rather be an adjutant and [deleted: to walk] - than a Captain and walk. - Received a call fromLieut [Lieutenant] Irwin 140' Ind - Brigade at work on fortifications.

Monday Mar 27' 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Up late. Col [Colonel] Adams sent a note to Div [Division] Hdqrs [Head quarters] inquiring if he could retain me in my present position if mustered as Captain. If he gets an affirmative answer I will accept my promotion. Howell was mustered in and will remain as adj. [adjutant] Col [Colonel] Hughes

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9 Ills gave us a callCol [Colonel] Adams and all his staff were shaved today a la McClellan. Wrote a letter to Adjutant Genl [General] Thomas and Gov Oglesby concerning accounts for the 12" and 66 Ills -- Wrote two letters -- one to Lizzie and one to Hugh. Lieut [Lieutenant] Pittman mustered out and will leave for home tomorrow -- a clear pleasant day --

Tuesday Mar 28" 65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Col [Colonel] Adams rec'd [received] an affirmative answer and I was "mustered in " as Captain and have been assigned to Co [Company] "D." but will remain as [illegible] of the Brigade - Brigade inspected by Capt [Captain] Ratery - [added Lt [Lieutenant] Pittman left for home] Sent the two letters by him which I wrote yesterday. Gen [General] Corse starts to New Berne. during his absence Gen [General] Rice will command. Rec'd [Received] New York papers of date 24. Gold down to 1.51 - appearance of rain.

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