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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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but he had gone to More head City -from the 140" Ind - went to 83rd Ind to see Capt[Captain] White - The good news from Richmond is said to be true - Late this evening recd a mail - One letter for me of date 29 March - from Lizzie. had toothache so retired early.

Saturday April 8th 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

It rained very hard last night. Consequently the dust is mad. - Quite cool all day. Maj [Major]H called at Hdqrs[Head quarters] - first time since we have been here—Col[Colonel] Adams went to Div [Division][Head quarters] 4 Div[Division] - while there heard that all the good news from Grant is confirmed - There is a strong probability That we will "pull up stakes" next Monday - destination - as usual - unknown. [Colonel] Adams inspected the 12" Ills and 81st [unclear] 66 Ills to see how They were supplied with Clothing - Took supper with

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66 Ills before returning to Hdqrs [Head quarters] saw a New York Herald of the 5th which gave [unclear] accounts of the victory around Richmond, Rebel loss. 25.000 prisoners and 15 are killed and [unclear] and sick - very anxious to get full particulars It is said the enemy have evacuated Raliegh. Wrote a letter to Lizzie.

Sunday April 9th 1865

[View Civil War timeline for this date]

- Another bright clear day - Spent the forenoon in the Office. wrote a letter to Fannie. After dinner went to Corps Hdqs [Head quarters] to see Col [Colonel] Adams promotion - found everything favorable, - from Corps Hdqs [Head quarters] went into town, - great activity among the Quarter masters & Commissioners" - before returning went to 140 Ind but did not get to see Lieut [Lieutenant] Irwin. 81st rec'd [received] quite a number of recruits and they are not equipped for

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active service. No arms haversacks or knapsacks and no prospect of getting them. There is a prospect of our leaving tomorrow - though no orders have been rec'd [received] at 9 P. M - it said we will move about 10 oclock Tomorrow in rear of the Corps. Very uncertain whether we shall move.

Monday April 10" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Today we begin another campaign -- destination unknown -- Rec'd [Received] orders to move at 10 A.M. but it was 11 oclock before we broke camp. Took the Pikesville road. . About noon it began to rain and continued to "pour down" all afternoon. The roads got very heavy and we were much delayed by the Divisions in our advance and night came upon us when we were 8 mile from Goldsboro. We had a most miserable night march. reaching Pikesville at midnight - We "bivouacked" in

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a little pine grove without tents or blankets or anything to eat - Our Brigade train is far in the rear and it will be tomorrow morning before we see them -- Capt [Captain] Cameron returned today from New Berne.

Quite a sad accident happened this evening. Sam Marot orderly at "These" Hdqrs [Head quarters] - was sent back about 8 oclock with orders to the rear Regiment .and was killed by a "Guerrilla" -- Another orderly Albert Hickersen was sent back soon after and has not yet returned. Very likely he is captured.

Distance marched 14 mile - Our direction has been towards Weldon. - Before starting this morning wrote a short note to Lizzie also one to Father. Has been a hard day on the recruits in the 81st.

Tuesday April 11" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

A most disagreeable night we had last night - Our teams

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came up at 1 A M. and we had something to refresh the "inner man" - A Regiment from each Brigade was sent ahead to repair roads and it was nearly noon before we "pulled out" - Was again delayed by advance Division and bad roads - Went in camp at dusk on creek. Will be very late before all our trains gets in - Cloudy all day - drizzling rain. Orderly Hickersen was captured last night escaping this morning he killed his guard. We passed through Pikesville (a RR Station) on the Welden road. Our course to day [today] has been Westward in direction of Raleigh -

Wednesday April 12" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Ordered to move at 7. A.M but the supply train did not all get up until daylight and everyone being tired and sleepy - it was near 9 oclock before our Brigade "pulled out." We

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found the roads to "Sowell Factory" just in tolerable condition - reached the "Factory" about 11. A M. and here we had to halt several hours for the 2d Division to get out of our way - but we enjoyed the rest finely - Here we rec'd [received] news of the surrender of Genls [Generals] Lee to Grant - it is said to be "Official" - When The news was read to the different Regiments they gave cheer after cheer over the good news. - Went to Div [Division] Hdqrs [Head quarters] which had been temporarily established in a house. We had music from the D. band. Songs by the 7' Iowa. Speeches cheering &c. [et cetera] &c. [et cetera] -- in fact a grand jubilee. -- Left the Factory at [illegible] P. M. and marched to [illegible] - but owing to the very bad roads it was after midnight before we reached Camp - (distance 17 mile) - We did not have any supper got for us. We were too tired and sleepy to eat. We ordered breakfast at 4.

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