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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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and crawled in for the night. The last three days have been very hard indeed more severe on the men Than any we have experienced for some time. Weather clear & pleasant. The Country much better than average quality - No enemy in our front. Raleigh said to be evacuated.

Thursday April 13" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Moved out of camp at 6 A.M. found the roads splendid -- Country very [unclear: good]. The best we have seen in North Carolina -- Rained in fore noon quite hard. In the morning werec'd [received] The following order which was read to the Command and was followed by hearty cheers.

Hdqrs [Head quarters] [unclear: Mil] Div [Division] of [illegible] In the Field

April 12 '65 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

no. 54

The General Commander announces to the army that he has official notice from Gen [General] Grant that

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Genl [General] Lee surrendered to him his entire army on the 9 inst at Appomattox CH

Glory to God and to our Country and all honor to our "Comrades in arms" towards whom we are marching -- A little more labor a little more toil on our part the great race is won and our government stands regenerated after four long years of bloddy war.

(S.d.) William T. Sherman

Maj [Major] Genl [General] [illegible]

Crossed Neuse River at Neuse Mills and went in camp at 3 P. M - 5 mile from Raleigh - The city was entered today by 14 Corps. Gen [General] Johnston evacuated yesterday evening. Retired early and will have a good nights sleep.

Friday April 14" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

To=day [Today] Shermans [deleted: army] grand army entered another Rebel state capital - which makes three within

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the last four (4) months. We left Camp at 7 A. M. - We were reviewed by Gen [General] Sherman as we passed the Capital - The whole of the "Army of the Tennessee" passed in review. - We went in Camp a mile west of Raleigh - After dinner Col [Colonel] Adams and I rode down through the city.

Everything was very quiet and orderly a guard being stationed at each house. Raleigh is quite a nice place - Nearly all the citizens have remained - The first train came through from Goldsboro. Our movements from this point are very uncertain - Rumor to - day [today] informed us that we would go from here to Augusta Ga [Georgia] but that is doubtful. It is impossible for us to catch Johnston. for he will not fight us. We may follow him as far as Hillsboro - Has been a bright clear day - No orders to move tomorrow -- Are in hopes we

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will receive a mail before we leave here.

Saturday April 15" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Did not get to remain in camp today but were ordered to move at 6. A M. on the Morrisville road. - It was raining quite hard this morning when we got up. and it has continued to rain all day - Consequently the roads are very heavy and marching bad. But our train was not very long - as the supply and ordinance trains had been left with the 1st Div [Division] to bring up. - Our Division had the advance - About 9. A M The other Divisions in our rear are ordered back to camp and since Then we have had all kinds of rumors about Gen [General] Johnston surrendering his army but nothing definite is known. We went in camp two mile from Morrisville at dusk - The other two Brigades without trains went on ahead and are in camp at

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Soon after going in camp Gen [General] Corse ordered us forward to Morrisville but as the wagons had not come up and owing to the bad road Col [Colonel] Adams sent me ahead to see the General and inform him That it would be impossible to get the train up before day light tomorrow morning - The General ordered us to go in camp where we were - clear the road and let the Corps Hdqrs [Head quarters] train come up. -- When I returned to the Brigade the battery had started ahead everything else was ordered into camp. It was 11 oclock before our Brigade train came up and as we were sleepy and tired we "retired" without our suppers - This has been the hardest days march of the Campaign - distance marched 15 mile. While at Div [Division] Hdqs [Head Quarters] heard that "Capitulation" was going on and it is generally believed that Johnston will

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surrender tomorrow -- Consultation has been going on all day. Johnstons army is said to be at Hillsboro . his pickets 8 mile from Morrisville. -- We are all anxious for him to surrender and end "this cruel war" and we all feel confident that he will surrender before the setting of "another sun" "so mote it be."

Sunday April 16" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

.Left camp at 7. A M. and marched to Morrisville and went in camp. - When we arrived here we supposed we would hear something definite concerning the all important question -- "the surrender of Johnston" -- but we could hear nothing reliable. - About noon a train of cars from Raleigh came up and soon after went out to the front. - It came back about dusk and I learned from an officer who was out with the train that

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