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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864 - 1865
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Genl [General] Sherman and Johnston are to meet tomorrow for Consultation which I suppose will decide the thing one way or another. Genl [General] S. is at Raleigh. - Maj [Major] McCoy of Shermans Staff. reports everything working favorable and he is confident of success - What a glorious Thing it will be if Johnston does surrender! Our Div [Division] are the only troops (Infty [Infantry] ) out this far ex[added cept] Kilpatrick's Cavalry and they are 12 mile ahead of us. We obtained a house for Hdqrs [Head quarters] and have been enjoying ourselves finely - Has been a most lovely day -

Monday April 17" 1865. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

- A sad - sad day - We heard the news of the assassination of President Lincoln - I never saw such a gloomy set of men in my life as the soldiers were after the news came It was known by

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most of the officers during the forenoon and this evening it is known throughout the whole camp. -- His loss is a great calamity -- and the nation mourns his loss as she never mourned before. - It seems a plot was laid to assassinate Seward Sherman and Grant. Genl [General] Sherman came up from Raleigh on a train and proceeded to the front to have a conference with Genl [General] Johnston . During the day we waited anxiously for the return of the train. - thinking that something definite would be known But nothing was accomplished at the conference. The two Generals are to have another meeting tomorrow, when they will doubtless come to some terms. It is said that "Jeff Davis" is with Johnston and wishes to surrender and receive pardon -- another rumor "That Johnston wishes to surrender but some of his subordinates do not. -- Has been a most beautiful day.

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Tuesday April 18" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Glory to God! in the highest - Our Country stands regenerated after its four long years of bloody war. April 18th 1865. will be "our 4' of July" - The whole Rebel army surrendered to day. - Glory! Glory!! Genl [General] Sherman came in from the front this evening after his interview with Genl [General] Johnston. The whole Confederacy has "given up the Ghost." - Each state has surrendered - no more fighting - The troops of the different Rebel states march to the capitals of their respective states stack their arms and quit - We are anxious to see the correspondence between Sherman & Johnston before surrendering - Do not know what disposition will be made of our grand armies - but suppose we will be mustered out in the course of a few months.

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Great rejoicing in camp tonight - only one thing to mar our rejoicing - the sad news we rec'd [received] yesterday. Rec'd [Received] a small mail this eve nothing for me. It is said that the two armies will remain in their present position until Sherman can hear from Washington - as the surrender was accepted subject to the approval at Washington.

Wednesday April 19" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Another beautiful day. Genl [General] Logan removed his Hdqrs [Head Quarters] to Raleigh this morning - It was said we would go to Raleigh tomorrow but I guess we shall remain in our present camp untill [until] the army disbands his forces. It is rumored that the report of the assassination of President Lincoln is a "Canard." New York papers of the 12" say nothing about it - Rec'd [Received] a letter from Lizzie this eve - Answered it - also wrote to Lib. Retired late.

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Thursday April 20" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Another warm pleasant day - This evening received orders to march tomorrow at 9 A. M. to Raleigh - it is said we will remain There "five days" - and the Rumor says "The Army of the Tennessee" will proceed to Washington D.C. Sherman has announced the suspension of hostilities between the two armies - he says as soon as the "agreement" is ratified we will have peace from the Rio Grande to the [gap] Col [Colonel] Hill arrived to day and we were all anxious to see him - Have been laying around all day doing nothing with plenty of help. The report of the assassination of Lincoln is true - The deed was done on the evening of the 14" Inst. and his murderer is said to be "Edwin Booth" and he is still at large -- A large mail for us at Raleigh which we will get tomorrow.

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Friday April 21" 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Left camp at 9 oclock and marched to Raleigh and went in camp two mile north west of the city - It began to rain about 4. P.M. and we had quite a nice little shower. Rec'd [Received] a small mail - one letter for me from Lizzie - It is rumored we shall remain here two weeks and then Shermans "Grand Army" will march through to "Fredrick City." --

Saturday April 22d 1865 [View Civil War timeline for this date]

-- Another beautiful day -- Regiments busy fixing up. Col [Colonel] Adams & I rode into Raleigh to see the review of the 20" Corps - which was indeed a grand sight - I suppose we will be reviewed sometime during next week. Rec'd [Received] a small mail - one letter for me -- Rec'd [Received] some New York papers of the 17" which contained full particulars of the death of Mr Lincoln - There was great mourning over the death of the great & good man.

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