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Cornelius C. Platter Civil War Diary, 1864-1865
Name Index: November 10, 1864-April 27, 1865

Adams, Robert N. Colonel

Agors, Captain

Akhurst, Mr. Sutler

Allaback, Lieutenant

Atkins, Lieutenant

Axson, Rev. Dr.

Bedfield, Colonel

Bell, Charlie. Clerk. Marine Transportation Office


Booth, Edwin

Boyd, Captain

Bragg, Braxton. General. CSA

Brannan, Sergeant

Brown, Joseph E. Governor of Georgia

Bruner, Lieutenant

Bummpy. C.C. Platter's horse

Burton, Captain

Butler, B.F. General

Cameron, Captain

Campbell, Colonel

Campbell, Sergeant

Carpenter, Colonel


Clark, General

Clear, Sergeant

Compton, Captain

Comstock, Hank


Corse, John M. Brevet Major General. Commander. Fourth Division

Crawford, Lieutenant

Davis, Corporal

Davis, Jefferson. President. CSA

Dixon, Lieutenant


Edwards, Captain

Ellis, Lieutenant


Erwin, Lieutenant


Father. C.C. Platter's father

Foster, J.G. Major General

Gillell, Lieutenant

Gramell, Lieutenant

Granger, R.S. Brigadier General

Grant, Ulysses S. General


Guthrie, Captain

H K S R, Lieutenant

Hampton, Frank

Hampton, Wade. Lieutenant General. CSA

Harbough, Lieutenant

Harbison, Sergeant

Hardee, William J. Lieutenant General. CSA

Haynes, Fletcher B.

Hays, Sergeant

Hazen, William B. Major-General

Henry, William Clay. Major

Hickerson, Albert

Hill, Colonel

Hill, D.H. General CSA

Hood, John Bell. General. CSA

Howard, Oliver Otis. General

Howell, Lieutenant


Hughes, Colonel

Irwin, Lieutenant

Jacobs, Dr.


John. Hank Comstock's horse.

Johnson, Andrew. President USA

Johnson, Lieutenant

Johnson, Quarter-Master

Johnston, Joseph Eggleston. General. CSA

Joshua. C.C. Platter's uncle.

Kilpatrick, Hugh J. Brigadier General (Cavalry)

Lee, Robert E. General. CSA


Lincoln, Abraham. President. USA


Lockwood, Captain

Logan, John A. Major General.

Lucy Ann. C.C. Platter's horse.

Marott, Sam. Orderly

Marrot, Lieutenant

McCain, Captain


McDill, Dr.

Marion, General

Mason, Sergeant

Mathis, Private

Meigs, Quarter-Master

Merriman, Major

Miller, Dr.

Miller, Lieutenant

Murphy, Dave

Murphy, William M. Sergeant (Promoted to Lieutenant)

Newell, Dr.

Oglesby, Governor

Osterhaus, P.J. Brevet Major General

Overmeyer, Captain


Pelers, John

Perry, Major

Pittman, William. Lieutenant

Platter, Dave

Post, Lieutenant

Ratery, Captain

Reed, Quarter-Master

Rice, E.W. Brigadier General

Robinson, Lieutenant

Rush, Sergeant

Samme, Davy

Schofield, John M. Major General

Sellars, Ian. Lieutenant Colonel

Sellers, Lieutenant

Seward, William H. Secretary of State

Sheridan, P.H. Major General

Sherman, William T. General

Shick, Charlie

Simpson, Captain

Slocum, Henry W. Major General

Stanton, Edwin M. Secretary of War

Stevens, A. L.

Sticks, E. , Dr.

Stone, George A. Colonel

Stoneman, General

Straw, Charlie

Suttrell, R. W.

Terry, Alfred Howe. General

Thomas, George H. Major General

Thurston, Captain

Tom. C.C. Platter's brother?

Tyler, Captain

Tyler, Lieutenant

Vanpelt, Captain

Van Sellars, Colonel

Walcott, Charles C. Brigadier General

Welfry, Duke

Westcott, Lieutenant

Wheeler, Joseph. General. CSA

White, Captain

Whittaker, Dr.

Wiley, Sam

Woodhull, Colonel

Woodhull, Major

Woods, Charles R. Major General

Woods, Colonel

Zeb. Captain Lockwood's horse

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