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Letter: Washington, D.C., to Julia A[nn DuBose] Toombs, Washington, Georgia, 1851 Dec. 2

date: December 2, 1851
author: Toombs, Robert Augustus, 1810-1885.
extent: 4p
summary: In this December 2, 1851 letter to his wife, Julia Ann DuBose Toombs, Robert Toombs, representative in the Georgia House of Representatives (1837-1843), in the U.S. Congress (1845-1853) and Senate (1853-1861), opens by describing the organization of the House during the 32nd Congress' first session and the election of Lynn Boyd as speaker. He then tells her of his health (a sore throat, a problem that plagued Toombs all of his life) and of his having dinner at the Sumners' with his friend Alexander Stephens. He updates his wife on the Sumner family. Toombs tells his wife of his search for lodging, describing the places he's visited and other politicians who are doing the same. He talks about their friends the Burts, and then briefly discusses his wife and daughter Louisa's upcoming visit to see him. He expresses his great desire to see her, and closes with his usual affection.
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collection: Robert Toombs, letters to Julia Ann DuBose Toombs

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Washington D.C. Dec. [December] 2nd 1851
My Dear Julia,

We organized the house yesterday by electing all the officers. Lynn Boyd of Kentucky [unclear text: Speaker] . He is without qualifications of any sort for it, We shall therefore have a confused, disorderly house, during the whole congress. I have had quite a bad cold, & incurred it last night by going out to a fire on 4th Street, to day [today] I think it a good deal better -- Sunday last I & Mr Stephens dined at Mr Sumners, I kissed all the girls & we had a very pleasant dinner of it. Jennie has not yet left for Warrenton, She seems I think even more lively & sprightly than I ever saw, & jokes a good deal about her getting married, So I hope it is all a mistake about her going into a convent, tho [though] I have [omitted word: heard ] nothing said about it either way since I got here -- Mrs Joe Sumner has returned from N. [New] York in good health

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I have taken rooms at Mr. Duncan's who lives one door before Mr. Webster East. The house is new, being built when we were at the Stockton house & the rooms [omitted word: are ] very good, furniture plain but neat & appearance good, I thought I would go & live there until I left for Georgia & try it to see how it will do, & if not to look out else where, I shall go there this evening -- Dawson & Pearce of Maryland [deleted text: talk] talk of going there, but I think he will prefer a more public place -- If the house is well kept I have no doubt it will be a pleasant arrangement, If I had you with me I should feel strongly inclined not to go South till Spring as I now doubt Whether the case I am to argue in Columbus will be tried this term of the Court. I know but few of the new members & hear of but few ladies (members wives here) I do not think from what I can see that there is any improvement in the personal of the house or Senate, indeed from a slight view I hardly think it equal to its predecessors -- Burt is here but he has not

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been to see me & I dont [don't] know whether Mrs Burt is with him or not. As you & Lou will be [added text: here] to-gether [together] I must be particular to control the men especially as far as the ladies are concerned as far as I can, As it would be better for you to be alone, than with disagreeable people. Tho [Though] we will talk about all these matters when we meet -- I have not recd [received] a letter from you. I suppose you were busy about the [illegible text] . I hope to hear from you by to-nights [tonight's] mail. I am getting very tired of living [deleted text: you] without you. Kiss the girls for me & love to all --

Yours truly as ever
[Signed] Toombs

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R Toombs
[unclear text: D.C.]
Mrs. Julia A. Toombs

[added text: 1851]

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