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Letter: Columbus, Georgia, to Julia [Ann DuBose Toombs], 1853 May 9

date: May 9, 1853
author: Toombs, Robert Augustus, 1810-1885.
extent: 2p
summary: Toombs, representative in the Georgia House of Representatives (1837-1843), in the U.S. Congress (1845-1853) and Senate (1853-1861), opens by acknowledging receipt of his wife's letters. He expresses concern for his brother Gabriel's recovery [from illness]. Telling his wife he enjoys her letters immensely, he asks her to please continue to write often; he discusses the irregularity of the mail. Toombs briefly describes political proceedings he is involved in. He talks about his upcoming return home and the visit he plans to his brother Gabriel's place, and he mentions Mr. Pope and Mr. Simmons, friends, and their local business. He closes with affection for his daughters, Louisa and Sallie, and for his wife.
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collection: Robert Toombs, letters to Julia Ann DuBose Toombs

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Columbus Geo [Georgia] May 9th 1853
My dear Julia

I received your letter of the 7th Inst [Instant] to day [today] and still feel uneasy that Gabriel seems to improve so slowley [slowly], I wrote you the day I reached here from Montgomery, also Day before yesterday & therefore you are right in attributing your not receiving a letter to the irregularity of the mails Your letters give me great pleasure & I hope you will continue to write by every mail -- I believe I gave you all the news I had from Montgomery -- I did not give you an account of my speech, but as you always want my opinion of them, I can say I was fortunate in having a lot of very dull speakers to show against & therefore the speech took remarkably well, better doubtless than it deserved, but to be candid I thought it rather a lucky hit.

I found this morning in Court that the cases I was engaged in would not come on until week after next & therefore I shall leave to-morrow [tomorrow] morning for our plantation and remain until the latter part of next week

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or the first of the week after next. I have directed your letters that come here forwarded to me at Florence . After you receive this send your next to Florence until that time. Tell Gabriel that I will go down & see his place the last of [deleted text: next] this week & write him, if he continues to improve so slowly it may be imprudent for him to come down if the weather should become very warm. We have fine seasons here & I hope we have good rains down the river -- I expected Robert up Saturday or yesterday but he has not yet come, it is probable he is waiting for me at Florence I will attend to his request when I see him, He seems to be very modest in his outfit. Mr Pope has not yet reached home & I hear he may be detained in Mobile some weeks longer on account of the absence of Mr Simmons who has gone to Kentucky My heath [health] continues very fine, and I should feel like spending a month at the plantation if I had you with me, but as you are at home I shall get through as soon as my business will possibly allow & hasten back to see you Kiss Lou & Sallie for me & love to all the rest. I send you a thousand kisses

Yours T. [Toombs]

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