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Letter: Mobile, [Alabama], to Julia [Ann DuBose Toombs], 1853 Dec. 28

date: December 28, 1853
author: Toombs, Robert Augustus, 1810-1885
extent: 3p
summary: In this Dec. 28, 1853 letter, Robert Toombs, representative in the Georgia House of Representatives (1837-1843), in the U.S. Congress (1845-1853) and Senate (1853-1861), continues the narrative to his wife of his friend Pope's death and of Toombs' settling his estate. At the time he wrote the letter, Toombs had just finished the formalities and had left Pope's estate, Citronell, leaving Gus Baldwin in charge of getting Pope's body to the transport steamer. Toombs speaks of settling with a "Company" and getting work estimates from engineers, all part of resolving Pope's financially-distressed estate. Robert Toombs expresses his extreme distaste for the entire matter concerning the Pope estate and finds comfort in writing to his wife and in the book, [Angelic Wisdom Concerning the] Divine Love &[ the Devine] Wisdom [by] Swedenborg, [Emanuel, 1688 - 1772. ] He tells his wife of the upcoming wedding, for which he received an invitation but declined because he had no proper clothes to wear, of their friend Miss Amelia Gale. Mr. Davis and Mrs. Abbe Pope will stay behind for a few days, but then Mrs. Pope will leave for Oglethorpe. He closes with expressions of very deep affection for his wife and a longing to see her.
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collection: Robert Toombs, letters to Julia Ann DuBose Toombs

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Mobile Decr [December] 28th 1853
My dear Julia,

I have just arrived from Citronell where I have been for The past Two days clearing up & getting The negroes off to Georgia -- They all leave in the morning -- I left Gus at Citronell to bring down The body of Mr Pope to take The boat to-morrow [tomorrow] evening and from the bad luck & worse treatment of these wretched people I fear his body & our own is about all we shall be able [word omitted from text: to ] get away from here. The engineers are now Taking final estimates upon the work & I suppose I shall have a settlement with them Some day This week, I believe much of their delay is intended to annoy me & drive me away without a settlement if they seek no other subterfuge To get rid of a settlement I shall be done with This trouble in a few days & if they do I shall [word omitted in text: come ] home any how having I Think fully discharged all the obligations of both humanity & friendship & leave to others

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to close up. Among other disquieting results of This unexpected delay I have not heard from you since The 13th Inst, [Instant] My Time having passed to reach Columbus my letters are retained there & the Telegraff [Telegraph] has been out of order for a week past so that I could not order Them on. The weather is cold clear & beautifull [beautiful] after the drenching of the last fortnight & my health is very good -- When I got in This evening I found The card of our old friend Miss Amelia Gale inviting me to her wedding at St. Johns [John's] Church tomorrow at 11. but I dont [don't] Think I shall go as I am very busy & have worn out my good cloths [clothes] & cant [can't] afford to lay in one for the wedding

Mr Davis & Abbe will probably remain until I get off, and let Gus go on with the body as I think Abbe does intend to go to Oglethorpe, -- I can scarcely allow myself to Think about This shocking Trip, it absolutely make me so nervous to think about it that I can not [cannot] sleep, I endeavor to go on examining papers & calculating in figures

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as a positive relief from reflection, But I find it soothes me to write you even a few lines & Therefore I write Some thing [Something] [unclear text: day] I am in the city, I long, long to see you & Shall do all I can to do so as soon as possible, Give my love to all -- I Shall Spend the balance of the evening in reading Swedenborg's Divine Love & Wisdom in which I have become much interested, it is a beautifull [beautiful] illustration, and vindication of the "way of God Toward man" Good night my dearest wife. I send all the devotion of an undivided heart which you will know is wholly yours

Your husband,
[Signed] Toombs

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