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Letter: Columbus, Georgia, to Julia [Ann DuBose Toombs], Washington, Georgia, 1854 July 6

date: July 6, 1854
author: Toombs, Robert Augustus, 1810-1885.
extent: 4p
summary: In this July 6, 1854 letter, Robert Toombs, representative in the Georgia House of Representatives (1837-1843), in the U.S. Congress (1845-1853) and Senate (1853-1861), writes as he continues to settle his recently-deceased friend Pope's estate in Alabama. First, though, he expresses concern for his daughter Sallie's post-operation condition, as apparently described in his wife's recent letter; he tries to encourage them both by remembering Sallie's cheerful spirit. He continues by describing his efforts with Pope's estate. He has just sold twenty of Pope's slaves, railroad hands, for a larger price than he expected, and Pope's family is relatively well. Turning to his own matters, he tells his wife their crops and estate are well and that he has seen several of their friends; he mentions hearing of Emma Dawson's wedding. The last section of the letter is devoted to expressing his cherished love for his wife, and the great comfort their marriage brings him. He closes with special affection for Sallie and his usual endearments to his wife.
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collection: Robert Toombs, letters to Julia Ann DuBose Toombs

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Columbus Geo [Georgia] July 6th 1854
My dear Julia

I reached here This morning about 4 oclock after Travelling [Traveling] all night from the plantation & sent you a telegraff [telegraph] [deleted text: This morning] That I had received your letter & all were well -- I have not written you since I went down The river as I knew you would not get my letter until I could write from here You have but me under many obligations. (My dear Julia, by your letters of the 27, 28, 29, 30 June& lst July, I felt great uneasiness about my darling Sallie & was much relieved by your daily statement of her condition. She has suffered greatly but I look hopefully forward To her future comfort & improved health from the operation. Her despondency is very natural, occasionally, from her sufferings but I trust They will be removed, & that her cherful [cheerful] & elastic spirit will bring to her again happiness & content. I dont [doubt] she has cause of complaint as to her appearance for that is all she ought to desire. She wrote me a sweet affectionate letter [deleted text: this] [added text: which ]

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I also received this morning, tell her I will answer it as soon as I get to Washington. On several accounts, but principally from an apprehension of the condition that they would not sell well at this season of the year I only sold twenty one of Mr. Pope's negroes they were his RRoad [railroad] hands & sold for very high prices, a good deal more Than I expected. Abbe & the children are all well, & also my negroes -- Bob & his wife well -- Our crops are very fine, but the corn is now wanting rain -- It has been raining about in spots for the last few days & I hope we shall soon get some -- I heard that Chester passed thro' [through] here [word omitted from text: going ] home yesterday -- I saw Dr. [unclear text: Tillir] at my house in Stewart & he said Edwin & [illegible text] families were in good health -- Emma Dawson was married last night & the party started off this morning north, not getting up from below in time I did not see any of them -- I hear it was a grand affair, Mrs Hill showed me her presents on her tables This morning & they were very beautifull [beautiful] Eve is in Macon, Mr. & Mrs Burt & all the rest of your friends here are well

I do not Think I have ever had you so constantly in my mind in my life as I have this trip, I have Thought of you

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by the hour & memory has traced every linament of your face & form from head to foot a thousand times, I know not why This has been so much the case this Trip except I never saw you look more beautifull [beautiful] & cheerfull [cheerful] & happy than the week before we last parted, -- What a blessed Thing is memory which enables us to enjoy over & over again the sweet charms & pure loveliness of absent dear ones -- It is to me a source of inexhaustible pleasure, but yet how far below the actual enjoyment! I hope by Monday the 17th Inst [Instant] to be able to begin to lay up new stores for memory hereafter to delight in. To morrow [Tomorrow] I leave for home, when I hope to receive more letters from you -- Kiss dear Sallie for me & give her my best love. I send you my kisses, -- good night

Truly yours
[Signed] Toombs

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R. Toombs
U.S.S. [United States Senate]
Mrs Julia A. Toombs

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