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Letter: Washington, Georgia, to Julia [Ann DuBose Toombs], Virginia, 1856 Mar. 14

date: March 14, 1856
author: Toombs, Robert Augustus, 1810-1885
extent: 4p
summary: In this March 14, 1856 letter, Robert Toombs, representative in the Georgia House of Representatives (1837-1843), in the U.S. Congress (1845-1853) and Senate (1853-1861), describes his current court case and its annoyances and schedule. He then discusses the weather where he is, at home, versus the weather where his wife is, in Washington, [D.C.]. Telling his wife of a dream he had of her, he offers lighthearted pleasantries to cheer her and himself. He speaks more of his court business, mentioning his friend [Alexander] Stephens, Pope, and Julia's brother James. He also assures her of the well-being of her sister Harriet (married to Robert Toombs's half-brother Lawrence Catlett Toombs) and family, and of the well-being of Toombs's brother Gabriel and family. He closes the letter with his usual affection for his wife and daughter Sallie.
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collection: Robert Toombs, letters to Julia Ann DuBose Toombs

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Washington Geo. [Georgia] Mar. [March] 14th 1856
My Dear Julia ,

I received your very interesting letter of the llth Inst [Instant] this morning & it increased my anxiety to get away from here & back to see you -- I went to Greensboro yesterday morning to argue my Early case, but for which I would have remained a week longer in Washington & when I got There I found Mr Cone had complained the evening because of indisposition & inability to argue it & the court had continued the case & adjourned. It was a great vexation & annoyance to me, but it was without remedy, so I quietly took the down train at 2 o clock & came back home yesterday evening. I did not see Mr Dawson tho' [though] Judge D. was very very polite & insisted on my staying with him especially for dinner. I would have done so but for the fact that the cars arrived there 1/4 before 2. o clock The day was bad, very bad, cold & rainey [rainy] all day

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I was astonished to hear of the cold weather you write me of Washington -- Sunday, when you wrote it was snowing with you, was a beautifull [beautiful] day. I rode up to Elberton -- noticed that morning your flower garden full of beautiful flowers, the apricots beginning to bloom, & the peaches showing their red buds, & every thing [everything] exhibiting the loveliness of spring, This continued until yesterday when we had a very bad N. [North] Easten & last night was very cold & this morning clear, frosty & a plenty of ice. Last night was a very cold unpleasant night, & the only pleasant thing about was a dream I had about you -- That was very pleasant. I am very [deleted text: y] glad you you [you] are replying at least with acknowledgments to all the letters you can -- it will relieve me much when I get back, if you get any from my fair friends you must be sure to keep their secrets, you always say I can not [cannot] keep a secret, happy delusion! You dont [don't] know many strange ones I have got for I never tell them! I'll see if you

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can be as prudent especially if you should get me from a charming, handsome woman to whom I have been making love -- I have not heard from Stephens since I left, but I suppose he will be at Columbia Court as [deleted text: I have written] he has not written I shall go [word omission in text: to ] Columbia Sunday, but hope to get away by Wednesday as I am very busy here. For the first time in my life I have business in Court of my own , that is where I am a party, Mr Pope & the Bank of the State of Georgia have given me a year or two's work on my own account -- If I live I will make the last named party repent of it I saw your brother James to day [today] -- all well except his boy (the youngest) broke a small bone of his arm the other day. Your sister & family all well Gabe & family all well -- Give my best love to Sallie & kiss her for me. I have no heart to talk of her mother -- I send you a thousand kisses, & would give all them for one real kiss to day [today] --

As ever yours truly
[Signed] Toombs

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R Toombs
U.S.S. [United States Senate]
Mrs Julia A Toombs
Care of Jno S Pendleton Esq
Culpepper CTS[Court house]

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