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Letter: Waco, Texas, to Julia [Ann DuBose Toombs], Washington, Georgia, 1857 May 14

date: May 14, 1857
author: Toombs, Robert Augustus, 1810-1885
extent: 4p
summary: In this May 14, 1857 letter, Robert Toombs, representative in the Georgia House of Representatives (1837-1843), in the U.S. Congress (1845-1853) and Senate (1853-1861), opens by acknowledging receipt of his wife's recent letter, and tells her he hopes she has a good time visiting with Sallie in South Carolina while he is away. Then he moves to the subject that makes up the bulk of this letter: a long description of his trip to Texas and its environs. He informs his wife that Felix (William Felix Alexander, the husband of their recently deceased daughter Louisa, and Sallie's brother-in-law) has received Sallie's letter. Toombs expresses confidence in Sallie's ability to make the unnamed decision he refers to. He remembers his wife's birthday and wishes he were there to celebrate with her, though he will be home soon. He assures her of the well-being of his friends and travel companions, sends his love to family members, and closes with his usual affection.
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Waco, McLellan Co [County] Texas May 14th 1857
My Dear Julia,

Here I am about the Middle County from North to South of Texas and have not yet reached my lands by some eighty or ninety miles -- I recd [received] your letter of the 29th April yesterday at Austin but had not Time to answer it until This evening. I was very glad to hear that you & Sallie were [deleted text: to] going to Beaufort & to see your South Carolina friends, as I can not [cannot] be at home with you, I feel rather glad that you are off on a visit I wrote you last from Galveston, since when we have been constantly Travelling except Two days I was detained on business at Austin on business The country up the Colorado was exceedingly beautifull [beautiful], indeed is all beautifull [beautiful] but that is enchanting, I

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have never seen anything like it except in Italy, & I was greatly surprised at the manners, civility & even refinement of the people, gentlemen & ladies. I meet a great many old friends & am every where [everywhere] treated with the greatest kindness & hospitality. So far The staging & accommodations generally have been very good, sufficently comfortable even for pleasant travel to Cadiz From this on towards Red River I learn it is rougher, but as I have been so agreeably disappointed thus far I hope I shall get along well for the balance of the time, Felix recd [received] Sallies letter at Austin & delivered me her regards, Tell her I know she will do just as she ought to. She has my unbounded confidence & affection, & she has no pang That I do not

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share -- Since I commenced writing this letter I have had three interruptions from the inopportune Calls of the good people of this town but I suppose This is [deleted text: [illegible text] ] a part of the [illegible text] of notoriety [added text: u] . To morrow [Tomorrow] is your birthday, how much I should like to celebrate it with you at home! but I shall be wending my way on the broad prairies of Texas while I suppose you will be with old & well loved friends in Carolina -- I can not yet tell when I can get home but feel pretty sure of getting Through my business next week & then shall turn homeward as fast I can get there but the road is long & tedious & It will Take me a long Time to Travel it, but I am pretty sure of getting home by the 10th of June or before. Write me at N. [New] Orleans on the receipt of this, that I may hear from you on my way home & Your brother & Mr Freeman -- Felix well - My best love, Sallie & Gabe Family & your sister & I send you a husbands love & truly affectionately your husband

[Signed] Toombs

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R Toombs
Texas 1857
Mrs Julia A. Toombs

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