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Letter: [Paris], to Julia [Ann DuBose Toombs], 1867 Jan. 15

date: January 15, 1867
author: Toombs, Robert Augustus, 1810-1885
extent: 1p
summary: In this Jan. 15, 1867 letter to his wife Julia, Robert Toombs, representative in the Georgia House of Representatives (1837-1843), in the U.S. Congress (1845-1853) and Senate (1853-1861), informs his wife of some of the comings and goings of mutual friends in Paris; he reminds her that he will be leaving for Havana that evening, and emphasizes how happy he is at the prospect of finally returning home. He sends his love to the entire family, and closes the letter with his usual affection for his wife.
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collection: Robert Toombs, letters to Julia Ann DuBose Toombs

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Paris 15th Jany [January] 67 [1867]
My darling wife,

Nothing new this morning except that rich Jew, with whom Mrs & Miss [unclear text: Lillie] dined when you were here visited Julia yesterday his name is Mothiar -- I dont [don't] know what she will do, but I dont [don't] think she is destined to marry him I leave this evening for Havannah & I hope home, to see you & children & friends, God grant that we may all meet. over [unclear text: there] in this world in health, I do not know why but I feel elastic at the prospect of seeing you & them again tho [though] through a long voyage, Kiss the dear children for me & give love to all --

Yours truly & affectionately
as ever
[Signed] T. [Toombs]

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