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Cyrus F. Jenkins Civil War Diary, 1861 - 1862
Pages 27 - 32

Author: Jenkins, Cyrus Franklin, ca. 1837-1864
Extent: 1 v. (113 p.)
Repository: Troup County Archives
collection: Jenkins-Bass collection, 1861-ca. 1900 (Ms. 91)
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Officers Privates and all rushed to the depot to see them, with deafning [deafening] yells that made the mountains forest ring. I did not go myself, (being fatigue [fatigued] and a little sick) as soon as the officers had satisfied their curiosities. the Adutant [Adjutant] came through ordering each Captain to call the roll and report every one [everyone] absent. our roll was call [called] . and I answered for a half dozen absentees, others did the same untill [until] all were answered for. when there were not exceeding twenty present,

Tuesday. Sept [September] 3rd.. 61. [View Civil War timeline for this date | View Jenkins Chronology]

We Start on a foot march to our destination, I feel unable to make the trip. but determined to go as far as possible. since every house is full of the sick. as twenty of our company is left here with measles. perhaps the same ratio from other companies making an aggregate of 200 from the regiment,

I together with three others were appointed wagon guard. where I could have my bagage [baggage] hauled. I soon became very much fatigued but I made no complaint, in the afternoon after traveling some twelve miles to Covington I was offered a drink of whiskey. as I had

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been recomended [recommended] by the assistant Surgeon to take no medicine. but take a little whiskey or brandy. I readily axcepted [accepted] the proposition. Although I am sure I did not take exceeding two table spoonsful [tablespoonfuls] . I soon found to my great surprise that I was becoming intoxicated or gentlemanly tight as is the common saying but the truth is I thought it the slackest time with me that I had seen, I soon forgot that I was sick. and went to playing pranks but I was very cautious to keep as far as possible from the Capt [Captain], I soon became very thirsty and the first spring that came to I ran to the spring in great haste to evade the Capt [Captain] . I asked a Soldier at the spring to fill my canteen that I was in great haste. he did so. but to [added text: my] discomfiture I met the Capt [Captain] where I could not avoid meeting him, I felt all over spotted. I held my breath for fear that he would ask me some question which I knew that I should be detected for my voice was changed femininely fine after I had thought that all was right I was horror stricken by — How does the

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water taste — Cy? not very good but better than it looks like it might. I did not even look up, although I knew that I could detect in his looks. his suspicions. yet I could make but one man believe that I had been. slack.. After 16 miles march we struck camp for the night, I felt perfectly exausted [exhausted], not having eat anything during the day except green apples. I now eat one biscuit and hope to get something for the next day and retired to rest,

Wednesday morning [View Civil War timeline for this date | View Jenkins Chronology]

I must again march without one bite of anything to eat. we again strike camps after fifteen miles march. near the White Sulphur springs. without eating anything through the day except perhaps a peck of green apples. I now eat another biscuit, and retired to rest,

Thursday morning [View Civil War timeline for this date | View Jenkins Chronology]

the clouds are flying over us and the rain is falling thick and fast

ten oclock [o'clock] now ordered to pack up the bagage [baggage] to march (the rain has ceased falling) we proceeded to the springs above mentioned, I walked to the spring near the road,

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and dipped a glass, but it was so strongly tinctured that I could scarcely bear the smell I managed to take one sup, the air seemed impregnated with sulphur [sulfur], I soon hastened away to overtake the wagons. we proceed to Green Briar River where we stopped to take dinner & rest. The Lady who lived at the Bridge gave the soldiers a jar of (Sour milk) known by Georgians as butter milk. there was such a rush. by the men each wanting a share that I did not attempt to get any. those who were near the jar stooped to get theirs, and others [deleted text: clalled] [added text: crawled] upon their backs. and such a ratting of tin cups & canteens is seldom heard. I eat one biscuit. and attempted a bit of meat but could not stand it and was compelled to throw it aside the only nourishment I have taken except apples wild plums and red balls. which were abundantly thick, we now proceeded through Lewisburg and arrived at Brumboo's mill, four miles farther making 14 miles for to day [today], There is nothing of importance to relate concerning this place except Cox cave

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the rendesvous [rendezvous] of one Cox who deserted the army in the revolutionary war and remained here concealed during the space seven years a guard was stationed at its intrance [entrance] &— who would not allow any one [anyone] inter [enter], Cave spring is another curiosity worthy of notice. its inlet was immediately under that of Cox cave. Some ten or fifteen [added text: feet] [deleted text: below] [added text: under] the mountain and below its surface. was a clear running stream of water. which ran entirely under the earth. very cold although the weather was very warm, and less tinctured with lime than any around here, We have frequent rains which has filled the earth with water its surface is very muddy and slick there is no sand in the soil, and it is slicker than anything that I can compare it to except soft soap on a greezy [greasy] plank,, if you loose [lose] your balance you catch a fall, and take on a good supply of mud. which clings with the tenacity of wheat doe. at this place we have sport catching turtle which abundantly thick in a creek nearby. from 20-30 were caught. each day by digging the bank and grapling [grappling] the mud

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Monday Sept [September] 9th . 61 [View Civil War timeline for this date | View Jenkins Chronology]

We now proceed on our march having delayed here for several days to get up a greater supply of provision, and more transpotation [transportation] . which was procured by pressing into service. My health now having become good, I now travel with renewed spirits. everything seems to open new volums [volumes] to my mind, objects that seemed to be horrid, and frightful. frieks [freaks] of nature: now call forth emotions of supprise [surprise] and admiration, we arrived at Meadow Bluffs late in the evening after a march of about 12 miles, nothing of importance concerning this camp. we are I understand to remain here a day or two. the cause I know not.

Wednesday Sept [September] 11th. [View Civil War timeline for this date | View Jenkins Chronology]

Orders from Gen [General] Floyd to proceed immediately to him at Gauley River. to meet an expected attack. 5 oclock [o'clock] afternoon dress parade. orders read to have the bagage [baggage] packed by 5 oclock [o'clock] on the following morning. with one days rations cooked.

Thursday morning 5 oclock [o'clock], [View Civil War timeline for this date | View Jenkins Chronology]

all in readiness soon to be off for the River a distance of near 40 miles. to be reached in two days,, 11 oclock [o'clock] one of the bagage [baggage] wagons belonging to Co. [Company] (B) has broken down the guards detailed from each

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