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Cyrus F. Jenkins Civil War Diary, 1861 - 1862
Pages 104 - 109

Author: Jenkins, Cyrus Franklin, ca. 1837-1864
Extent: 1 v. (113 p.)
Repository: Troup County Archives
collection: Jenkins-Bass collection, 1861-ca. 1900 (Ms. 91)
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City: where we remained untill [until] Friday morning 10 oclock [o'clock] . Dec [December] 20th. We had received orders. for Savannah Georgia,, I will digress here to give a short sketch of the country we have passed over, From Dublin to Lynchburg the country is mountanious [mountainous] . the blue peaks rising high on each side like cloud caps in the mist of a fogy [foggy] morning. the rail road [railroad] running through a narrow valley between the blue ridge and Allighanies [Alleghenies], The valley lands ri[deleted text: t] ch with beautiful green pastures Strange to [added text: see] nature lavishing so much wealth & beauty. amid rough cragged mountains,, from Lynchburg to Petersburg gradually changing from mountainous to a level country,, from Petersburg to Weldon level light sandy land. Weldon to Wilmington level fine land with frequent marshes of cane growth. Cotton. corn. tobacco. rosin turpentine. the principle production. From Wilmington to Charleston level lands & more enclined [inclined] to be marshy, pine growth turpentine the principle production, some

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corn, Cotton, rice also produced. At 10, oclock [o'clock] Friday morning we left Charleston, S.–C. [South Carolina] for Savannah, Ga. [Georgia],, [deleted text: changed cars at florence 70] The country is low flat, swampy. with cain [cane] marshes intermingled with live oak, with the long green moss hanging from every limb & branch. Rice the general production some corn. & cotton – but the country too low & marshy for its adaption [adoption], this rail road [railroad] is built by throwing up the track from 3 to four feet above a level the marshes are bridged. composing at least one tenth (1/10) of the road, no embankment over ten feet no cut over 3 feet except one, about 12 feet, the dry land is gladey pine land, Arrived at S. [Savannah] 7, oclock [o'clock] evening of Friday Dec [December] 20th,, Marched one & half miles through the City to a beautiful green common, in the edge of the same, where we found tents already brought out for us,, remained untill [until] Tuesday 24th. ordered & moved to Caustins bluff. 5 miles east of the

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City on St Augustine creek,

Wednesday Dec [December] 25th . [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Although this is Christmas day, but like Sundays,, Is passing as other days with out [without] unusual excitement. or gravity,,

Thursday Dec [December] 26th. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

We are encamped on a beautiful plain surrounded by a nice grove of live oak cedar & pine. with the moss hanging from every limb & branch, the weather is very warm. pleasant without a coat. Altogether making a striking contrast with the snow clad mountains of Virginia,, Water very strongly tinctured with lime

Friday Dec [December] 27th. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

nothing of importance the Christmas holidays are passing away as other days

Saturday Dec [December] 28th [View Civil War timeline for this date]

I feel very much indisposed.

Sunday,, Dec [December] 29th. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Still worse, with evident symptoms of cold, feverish sensations & general debility of the system,,

Monday Dec [December] 30th. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

high inflamation [inflammation] of stomach and bowels,,

Tuesday 31st. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Still no better Evening with high fever after taking three opium pills I find that I am getting still worse.,,

Wednesday Jan [January] 1st. 1862. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

I this morning again applied to Beasley Assistant Surgeon for medicine he now told me that

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he had none to apply to my case, but [deleted text: he] was willing to grant me a certificate for a furlough. [deleted text: of] which I have sent to General Lawton for approval., Nothing of importance is transpiring in the vicinity, guard duty now is very heavy. each man having to stand every other day & night.

Thursday Jan [January] 2nd. night 8, oclock [o'clock] [View Civil War timeline for this date | View Jenkins Chronology]

still no better, My furlough having been approved & a conveyance. to the city to night [tonight] I will leave the camp, Friday evening half past one.. leave savannah for Macon. From thence to East Point. From thence to Hopsons cut. Atlanta & Westpoint road. arrived Hopsons cut. 6 oclock [o'clock]

Sunday morning Jan [January] 5th 62.,, [View Civil War timeline for this date]

I now felt greatly revived in body & mind I had been actually mending since Friday morning,, I will leave that I cannot describe to the imagination of all who may read this feeble sketch, untill [until] I again return to camp,,

On Wednesday Feb [February] the 11 or 13th. 62 [View Civil War timeline for this date | View Jenkins Chronology] I again return to camp where I met my comerades [comrades] which was like the meeting of my kin at home

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I found them busily engaged at work upon a sand battery near the camp. one company relieved another so that each company works half each day & occasionly [occasionally] some companies work at night. the battery is to consist of five guns. 4 magazines & one skuttle [scuttle] for the reliefs safety.,,

March 11th 62. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

False alarm 11. OC [o'clock] at night.

March 18th 62. [View Civil War timeline for this date]

Another false alarm 12. oclock [o'clock] at night,,

March 20th [View Civil War timeline for this date | View Jenkins Chronology]

Order read on dress parade to have knapsacks packed & hold ourselves in readiness at a moments warning to march, Officialy [Officially] reported that the enemy is landing at Bluffton S. C. [South Carolina] Ten miles above here,,

Sunday evening March 30th,, [View Civil War timeline for this date | View Jenkins Chronology]

17, scouts under Adutant [Adjutant] Hill Sent to Whitemarsh Island. Who have returned 3, oclock [o'clock] with two captured [deleted text: prisners] [added text: yankees] . and a dutchman citizan [citizen] of Wilmington Island. who had previously been taken by the yanks, Companies(B). C. & G. ordered to prepare immediately under command of Capt [Captain] Crawford of (Co [Company] G) we left the camp about dark, Crossed Augustine creek upon

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oakland Island, at Caustin Bluff battery. While passing a cross [across] this Island along a narrow path enclosed by thick underwood [under wood], all at once all were silent & still as death.! a moment more & the gunlocks began to rattle like fire in a cainbrake [canebrake] ! Two seconds & all was again still! A human form was seen! The Capt [Captain] demanded his countersign there were two who proved to be pickets for a squad of the 13th left by Adutant [Adjutant] Hill in the evening,, We passed along to the old bridge 2 1/2 miles from Caustins Bluff. & crossed the creek on Whitemarsh Island. While here waiting for the other two companies that we had left crossing Augustine creek. A noise was heard in the marsh. mistaken for the tread of human footsteps. All was again hushed, The Capt [Captain] ordered us to divide on either side of the path. that led through the marsh to the high land, & He with two others advanced to the wood, All were now in suspense, I did not like our

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