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Cyrus F. Jenkins Civil War Diary, 1861 - 1862
Pages 110 - 113

Author: Jenkins, Cyrus Franklin, ca. 1837-1864
Extent: 1 v. (113 p.)
Repository: Troup County Archives
collection: Jenkins-Bass collection, 1861-ca. 1900 (Ms. 91)
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position. I went to the wood. but before I got there I was releaved [relieved] by the hissing. & familiar noise of an Alligator,, We now became tired waiting for the rear party & determined to wait no longer, after leaving a picket at our little boat. we proceeded a mile to an old house. but found nothing, here,, then from thence to the Gibson place 1 1/2 miles farther with like success. & from thence to the Turner place 2 miles farther, on nearing this place. (It being now 2, oc [o'clock] at night) we perceived [deleted text: that] a brillant [brilliant] light in one of the cabins. the advance guard (of which I was one) had surrounded the house before the party came up,, The men on seeing the light smelt a mice [mouse], or a yank. and began backing scattering out, & cocking their guns,, I could not imagine for a time the cause,, I first thought they had seen some one in the diriction [direction] they were going then I saw their faces & guns all turn to the cabins. I then knew they expected danger from there, I now felt rather

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in a critical position. for I was near the house & in their full view, I knew I was no yankee but did they know it, I was afraid to speak or move for fear of being fired upon. for a yankee,, I stood for a moment & stept [stepped] cautiously behind the house, The occupants of the house were negroes left upon the Island. we found no boats here to pass across to Wilmington, & returned to the Gibson Place. As we neared the place. low depressed coughing was heard. we expected our rear scout. but crept up noiselessly within full view, When Capt [Captain] demanded who comes there, A reply came, Friend with the counter sign (all else was perfect silence) Capt [Captain] : Advance and give the countersign. all again still for a moment, then rapid cocking of firelocks was heard in every direction, in two seconds more all again silent Capt [Captain] again in his usual firm calm voice demanded the countersign, Then a trembling voice: Capt [Captain] McCallay. I know your voice, Lieut [Lieutenant] Redding Co [Company] E [unclear text: th] . We here lay in ambush around the landing untill [until] day.(It being now 3, oc [o'clock] )An hour by sun we. with exception of a small scout party under Adutant [Adjutant] Hill went to the

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Turner place to take our boats for Wilmington. (they were to meet us there) Just as the boats came Hill sent a messenger for us to go to his assistance, They are coming, we now quicked it back but found when we got there they had turned back. 17 were left under command of Lieut [Lieutenant] Robertson to guard this & the remainder of us went over up on Wilmington. We then started out into two parties Capt [Captain] McCallay with, co [company] B. were to go to the hunter place & from there to the Scriven place & attack the yanks first while the other party were to go to the Scriven place & there lay in [deleted text: at] ambush untill [until] the commencement & then come up in thier [their] rear. but before we had got to the scriven place we heard sharp firing in the direction we went double quick (a mile) untill [until] we came in sight, When we saw co [company] G. quickening towards us. Capt [Captain] Crawford with his co- [company] G. were ordered by Hill back to our fleet of skiffs to prevent being cut off. He now told Capt [Captain] McCallay that Hill had ordered him McCalley back. The firing we heard was upon Whitemarsh, between our pickets there & the yanks after a warm contest wounding one of our [illegible text] back to the boats, We soon after this

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heard sharp shooting at Scriven place.. a few moments more & another volley. & all was over the enemy surrendered 16 in number. one killed three wounded with but two scattering shots from them an eight oared barge boat with a six pound field Piece upon its bow,, together with their small arms the prisners [prisoners] were sent on immediately but some of us were here delayed untill [until] about ten OC [o'clock] at night when we started for Thunderbolt and after very heavy oaring against the tide we arrived at 3. oc [o'clock] in the morning of Tuesday. (some of the boats however reached thunderbolt several hours in advance of us) here we remained untill [until] morning where I lay upon the ground & Slept untill [until] sun rise. when we again put out for camps and reached them at 9, oc [o'clock] in the morning

The end of the Book but to be continued in next

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