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Alice Holmes Washington Oral History Interview 1993 April 15

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Type: Text
Creator: Washington, Alice Holmes
Nasstrom, Kathryn L.
Title: Alice Holmes Washington Oral History Interview 1993 April 15
Date: 1993 Apr. 15
Description: Local identification number: Washington, AH_19930415_(P1993-03)

Alice Homes Washington was an educator and leader in the Atlanta black community during the 1950s and 1960s.

Among topics discussed: Family background; move to Spelman; education of brothers; family name sources; Alice Duggett Carrie; Mrs. Carrie as first black librarian in Atlanta; visiting the library; background of parents; settling in Atlanta; father's medical practice; memories of mother; National Association of Black Professional Nurses; father celebrates Christmas; mother's sewing circle; YWCA; Donna Greene. Involvement with YWCA; becoming a teacher; moving through Georgia; teaching career; work in media; college courses; high school counselor; South Fulton High School; teachers as professionals; PTA at South Fulton High School; Colored Congress of PTA; Haightville High School; evolution of PTA. Impression of the media; student protests; personal activism; memories of parents; neighborhood youth corps; desegregation of golf courses lawsuit; desegregation of University of Georgia; working in Fulton County schools; neighborhood youth corps and the War on Poverty; counselor at South Fulton High School; challenges of the War on Poverty. Neighborhood youth corps programs; health services for students; opposing the patronage system; relations with school board; the War on Poverty program.

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