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Virginia Shapard oral history interview 1988 January 26

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Creator: Shapard, Virginia Lee, 1936-
Fowlkes, Diane L., 1939-
Title: Virginia Shapard oral history interview 1988 January 26
Date: 1988 Jan. 26
Description: Local identification number: Shapard, V_19880126_(P1988-01)

Virginia Shapard (b. 1936), the first woman to serve in the Georgia Senate, held office from 1975 to 1979.

Among topics discussed: Education; family background; Tammany Hall; move to Georgia; child welfare work; Episcopal Church bi-racial committee; Judge McGhee; the Stark case; changed attitudes towards participants promoting desegregation; husband's background and occupation; Shapard's children; first interest in politics; the Utility Club (community service); fertility difficulties; library bond referendum; ad valorem taxes; public education issue in Georgia; first campaign for state senate; Culver Kidd; difficulty of spread-out nature of senatorial district; campaign organization; speeches and speech writing; campaign financing; why ran for Senate rather than House; Zell Miller; reforms wanted to see in Senate; women in politics; role of local Democratic Party in Shapard's campaign; first actions in Senate; legislative delegation and county interests; reaction to Shapard as first woman senator; House and Senate working together; legislative pay raise issue; committee appointments; Senate reform; Al Holloway; ethics issue; Roscoe Dean; controversial issues in the legislature; adoption code issues; learning disabilities issue; Shapard's second election; education issues; state budgeting process; Paul Coverdell; interacting with other legislators; constituency relations; lobbying; Elaine Bolton; time constraints; National Association of State Legislators; Governor Busbee; banking issue; why ran for Congress; Newt Gingrich; Women's Campaign Fund; 1978 congressional campaign; Betty Talmadge; campaign difficulties; campaign finances; reasons Shapard thinks she lost in 1978; how paid off campaign debts; current interests; welfare fraud and sales tax issue in campaign; feelings about losing to Newt Gingrich; accomplishments and disappointments; impact as state senator; Bev Engram; problems for women in the legislature; women candidates.

Subjects: Child welfare workers | Race relations | Ad valorem tax--Georgia | Miller, Zell, 1932- | Gingrich, Newt | Busbee, George, 1927-2004 | Shapard, Virginia Lee, 1936-
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Related Materials: Southern Labor Archives Collection | Shapard, Virginia, Interviewed by Diane Fowlkes, 26 January 1988, P1988-01, Series C. Women in the Legislature, Georgia Government Documentation Project, Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library, Atlanta.
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