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Jennie Joines

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Type: photographic prints | StillImage | Image/jp2
Title: Jennie Joines
Date: 1960s; 1970s
Description: Local identification number: L1975-41_17

Attached statement: "I have worked for Fred Lovette two different times. The last time I worked about nine months. I joined the union the 9th day of June, and I have been active in getting employees of Holly Farms signed. A committee meeting was held at my home on the 21st day of June. One girl Pearl Billings came to the meeting who was not a union member. The Union Representative talked to her and asked her to join the union. She would not join so he told her that it was a committee meeting and only members were supposed to be there. After a few minutes she left. She went to my next door neighbor, Nellie Porter and asked her why she was not up to that damn union meeting. Pearl Billings went on totell (sic) Nellie Porter that she was going to Fred Lovette and tell him who was at the meeting. The Union representative that same day sent Fred Lovette a telegram with my name and other members of the committee. The next day, Saturday, June 22d, we went in to work. About 10 AM the telegram was put on the bulletin board. That evening two girls jumped on me in the parking lot when I started home. On Monday the 24th I went in to work and one of the girls tried to pick a fight with me. I did notargue (sic) with her. That evening after we got off from work she was waiting along with others. Fred Lovette, Bonnie Beard, and all the foremen in the plant stood by and watched while she beat me up and did not try to s top (sic) the fight. She had beat me in the face before they parted us. I went to the doctor. The doctor told me he thought I had b een (sic) hit with something other than a fist. He had X-Rays taken and fractured bones were found. Gene Minton, my foreman, had a skedme (sic) earlier if I had signed a Union card and I t old (sic) him I had. He told me I would lose my job and that I would (sic) be cut down from $1.15 to $1.00 an hour. He then told me to keep my mouth shut no matter what anybody said or did to me."

Subjects: Violence--Southern States | Poultry industry--Labor unions--North Carolina; | North Carolina
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Original Material: Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, Local 525 (Asheville, N.C.) Records, Southern Labor Archives
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L1975-41_17, Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, Local 525 (Asheville, N.C.), Records, Southern Labor Archives, Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University, Atlanta.

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