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Southern Labor School-Eastern Division

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Type: photographic prints | StillImage | Image/jp2
Title: Southern Labor School-Eastern Division
Date: 1954 Aug.
Description: Local identification number: L1976-30_06

University of Virginia. Students and faculty first row left to right: C. E. Davis, H. O. Prevatt, C.P. Snodgrass. J. L. Rhodes, Stanton Smith, Charles M. Houk, George S. Mitchell, Seymour Brandivein, John Cosgrove, Ted Williams, Harold Boyd, Everett Edwards, Thomas Pitsnogle, E. E. French; second row: P. F. Minton, Lee Brown, Aubrey Dixon, Louis Mitan, Elwer Gray, Harvey B. Woodmeusee, Jr., R. G. Joyner, W. L. Huffake, John Litto, Edgar P. Soaper, M. A. Follis, Grace Stephenson, Jack Walker, Mrs. Warren P. Conery, Warren P. Conary, Garrett C. Baker, Mrs. Garrett C. Baker, Wilgus Gobbard; third row: Everett Light, W. F. Campbell, N. T. Murray, James W. Glone, Draper Doyal, C. F. Bradley, C. W. Athearn, A.J.L. Firestone, E. J. Jones, Frederick Meyer, Jack I. Hanson, Joseph B. Breig, M. M. Price, W. C. Barry, W. G. Welck, Lester W. Strom; fifth row: James T. Walker,Robert E. Gregory, David W. Conner, S. J. McDaniel, Cecil W. Ryalls, Walter F. Richardson, O. J. Shaw, Herbert C. Seal, Wm. Gray, John D. Andrews, S.M. Leak, James T. Feutress.

Subjects: Labor union members | Virginia--Charlottesville
Contributors: Georgia State University. Libraries. Special Collections
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Original Material: Stanton E. Smith Papers, Southern Labor Archives
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L1976-30_06, Stanton E. Smith Papers, Southern Labor Archives, Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University, Atlanta.

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