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Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive. Film 3

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Type: Moving images | MovingImage
Creator: Georgia Warm Springs Foundation
Title: Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive. Film 3
Film 3
Date: 1930-1950
Description: Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive Film 3 is a thirteen minute and thirty-four second compilation of promotional silent newsreel clips produced sometime between 1930 and 1950, sponsored by the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, a health resort and rehabilitation center in Meriwether County, Georgia. This film depicts a polio patient arriving at the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation by train; views of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation grounds; housing accommodations, dining, and amenities available to visiting patients and guests; and medical facilities, therapeutic treatments, and adaptive aids for disabled patients. Eight seconds of the film have been redacted for privacy purposes; this footage appears as a black screen.

The film begins with an initial title card that reads "Roosevelt Warm Spring Archive Film 3." This is followed directly by three more title cards. The first title card reads "The Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, Warm Springs, Georgia"; the second title card reads "A Center for the Study and After-Care of Poliomyelitis"; the third title card reads "An ambulance is available for meeting trains and special trips." Next, a train pulls into a small train depot, where two men stand beside a dark-colored medical vehicle waiting for the train to stop. Several train conductors can be seen at the exits of the train as it slows down to stop at the platform. The clip breaks, and in the next shot, a young female patient is pulled out of the train on a stretcher; after another break in the clip, the patient is next seen being wheeled on a gurney into a medical vehicle by two male attendants; a third attendant, female, waits by the side of the vehicle. The back door of the vehicle is open, and the patient is lifted into it; the train depot can be seen in the background of the shot. The clip breaks, and one of the male attendants places the patient's suitcase into the vehicle, underneath the gurney. Inside the vehicle, an attendant seats himself next to the patient in the gurney. The other male attendant shuts the rear door, and proceeds to seat himself at the front passenger's side of the vehicle. The clip breaks to a shot of the vehicle pulling up to entrance of what appears to be Georgia Hall at the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation; the automobile stops beneath a portico at the entrance of the building. The ambulance attendants lift the patient out of the vehicle and wheel her inside the front entrance. An African American attendant waiting by the side of the entrance carries the patient's suitcase indoors as he follows behind the patient and the attendants who greeted her at the train station. Next, a title card reads "Georgia Hall, the Central Unit for Foundation activities. Adjoining are Kress and Builders Halls, housing units for patients and guests." This is followed by a shot of the front of Georgia Hall, a pan across the campus of the Georgia Warm Springs Institute, and then several scenes taken from inside the lobby of Georgia Hall. The facade of Kress Hall is shown next, followed by a shot across a plaza with an outdoor water fountain, and then an interior shot of a housing unit with a large living room and fireplace. The next title card reads "Patients' Dormitory Group adjoining Georgia Hall. Patients are grouped according to age and sex. A graduate nurse is in charge." This is followed by several outdoor shots of small cottages on the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation campus. Another title card reads "An automatic door makes access to Georgia Hall easy for patients" and is followed by a shot of a young woman in a wheelchair approaching an automatic door from outdoors; the door opens for her as she enters, she wheels inside the building, and the door closes after she makes her way inside. Another title card reads "A few of the Housekeeping Cottages on the Foundation"; this is followed by several outdoor shots of wooden-frame cottages. The next title card reads " A well stocked Commissary" followed by a shot of commissary employees standing amidst the canned and commercial goods; this is followed by another shot of items available for sale in the commissary. The next title card reads "The Gift Shop" and is followed by a scene with two wheelchair patients gathered around the counter of the shop conversing with the store clerk. The clip breaks to another shot of a female gift shop employee wearing a white uniform and standing behind a retail counter as she looks at merchandise displayed across a wall of shelves behind her. This is followed by another title card that reads "The Norman Wilson Memorial Infirmary. This unit houses post-operative cases, patients undergoing plaster corrections, and those recently involved who need nursing care" and is followed by a short clip of two women walking in front of the infirmary building; the clip breaks, and is followed by another shot of the facade of the infirmary building. The next title card reads "Mechanical support is provided according to individual needs"; this is followed by several shots of patients laying on their hospital beds, each patient wearing different kinds of casts, braces, and orthopedic apparatus. The next title card reads "Spinal curvatures are recorded by routine x-ray examinations of all patients"; this is followed by a pan across an x-ray machine and table unit. After a break in the clip, a medical technician adjusts the x-ray table from a horizontal to a vertical position and fastens a seat to the now-vertical table. This is followed by a title card, which reads "All spine x-rays are made with patient in sitting or standing position," and another title card, which reads "Without back support." The next shot is of a male patient sitting in the x-ray table seat, as the arm of the x-ray technician is seen adjusting a lever along the left side of the x-ray machine. The next title card reads "With back support," and shows another image of the male patient seated at the x-ray machine, this time with back support. The next shot is of a pan across several sheets of x-ray film illuminated on an x-ray light box, ostensibly displaying the torso of the patient seen in the previous shot. A technician guides a pointer across each of the sheets of x-ray film. The next title card reads "Holding apparatus for spinal curvatures." A young girl is seated on a swivel chair, as the hand of a man wearing a suit turns her around on the chair to display her orthopedic apparatus. Eight seconds of footage in this scene have been redacted for privacy; this segment appears as a black screen. The next title card reads "X-rays before and after application of support." The next shot is of a sheet of x-ray film illuminated on a light box, displaying the torso of a patient wearing an orthopedic apparatus. Another title card reads "Respirators are used in the after-treatment of chest paralysis. Note--the abdomen and diaphragm must be splinted." This is followed by several shots of a large respirator unit; then by a shot of a young male patient being positioned inside of the unit by a medical technician. This is followed by a shot of the technician turning on the respirator, a close-up shot of the young male patient breathing with the aid of the respirator, and a shot of the medical technician adjusting the controls of the respirator. The next title card reads "Paraffin baths and therapeutic lamps are available, if indicated." A young female patient seated at a paraffin bath is accompanied by a medical technician who massages her forearm and hands inside a paraffin bath. This is followed by shot of a patient lying on top of a table beneath a heat lamp while a medical technician massages her back. The next title card reads "Muscle analysis and charting is a part of the orthopaedic [sic] examination." A young male patient lies on top of an examination table while a medical technician analyzes his hand and records notes on a chart. The technician continues to work with the joints of the patient's hand and arm, then proceeds to work with the patient's torso and legs. The next title card reads "Patients are transported to and from the treatment pool by an Aerocar." This is followed by a shot of an automobile hitched to a bus trailer; the vehicle is parked in front of the portico of a large building; several people are gathered at the front of the building. The clip breaks to a shot of a female wheelchair patient waiting beneath the portico; she is wheeled by a medical technician along a ramp onto the trailer, where she joins several other patients who have already boarded the trailer. The next shot shows the automobile pulling away from the building, and then jumps to a shot of the trailer pulling up to another building. Several staff members set up an impromptu ramp and wheel a wheelchair patient inside of a building; the clip jumps to a shot of two staff members carrying a patient on a stretcher up the trailer ramp and onto a bus; the clip jumps again to a shot of two staff members wheeling a patient on a gurney onto the bus trailer, putting away the ramp, and closing the doors to the trailer. Another title card reads "Treatment Pools" and is followed by a shot of the indoor pools at Warm Springs; next, the camera pans across the top of the building from a vantage point overhead. The next title card reads "There are three pools, an indoor and an outdoor pool for supervised exercises and here patients receive treatment each morning. Connecting these two is an outdoor play pool." This is followed by a shot of the indoor pool area that pans from the top of the glass roof down to another pool that is outfitted with tables for hydrotherapy treatment. The clip breaks to an overhead shot of the same pool and therapeutic tables; the camera then pans across an outdoor pool populated with recreational swimmers and a person sitting on the deck beneath a large patio umbrella. This is followed by another title card that reads "The following views show some of the exercises as given by physiotherapists. The exercises are actively done by the patients, the physiotherapists merely guide and direct each motion." A male patient wearing a bathing suit and sunglasses walks along the length of the pool with the assistance of two horizontal support bars; he is supervised by a female physical therapist. The clip cuts to a shot of a male patient lying face-up on top of a therapeutic bench; he performs a series of exercises where he raises his torso up from the bench as he is guided by a female physical therapist; this is followed by a sequence of shots that show different patients working together with therapists on assorted leg, arm, and hand exercises on therapeutic tables and chairs positioned at different stations in the pool. The last title card reads "The Dining Room in Georgia Hall" and is followed by a panoramic shot across a dining room full of diners. Waiters in white jackets are busy carrying trays and attending to seated patients and guests. The clip breaks to a shot of a male patient seated in a wheelchair with an adapted lap board; he has been served a plate full of food. His left wrist is supported by a brace and his arm rests on top of a swiveling splint that is attached to the lap board. The patient guides a fork across the table with his right arm to his left arm, where he then picks up the fork with his fingers. He pivots his left arm up and down using the support of the brace to carry food to his mouth with the fork; he then repeats the same action with a spoon. The clip then jumps to a shot of a female patient seated in a wheelchair adapted with a lap board and swiveling splint that supports her right forearm to facilitate eating and drinking. She drinks from a stemmed glass and eats a meal using a fork with the use of the splint. The film closes here.

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Contributors: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation
Online Publisher: Athens, Ga. : Digital Library of Georgia in association with the Roosevelt Institute for Rehabilitation, 2010
Original Material: 1 film (13 min., 14 sec.) : si., b&w
Rights and Usage: Please contact the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute re: reproduction and usage.

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Collection Information: Selections from the Records of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, 1924-1974