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Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive. Film 9

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Type: Moving images | MovingImage
Creator: Georgia Warm Springs Foundation
Title: Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive. Film 9
Film 9
Date: 1933
Description: Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive Film 9 is an eleven minute and thirty-seven second compilation of promotional silent newsreel clips produced sometime around 1933, sponsored by the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, a health resort and rehabilitation center in Meriwether County, Georgia. This film depicts numerous services and activities available to disabled patients residing at the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation that include therapeutic massage; supervised mobility exercises; occupational therapy and handicrafts; academic instruction; athletic and leisure pursuits; views of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation grounds; housing accommodations for guests and staff; medical facilities on the premises; and architectural drawings of buildings under construction. Eight seconds of the film have been redacted for privacy purposes; this footage appears as a black screen.

The film begins with an initial title card that reads "Roosevelt Warm Spring Archive Film 9." This is followed by three more title cards. The first reads "The Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, Warm Springs, Georgia," the second reads "A center for the after-treatment of Poliomyelitis (Infantile Paralysis), and the third reads "Architect's conception of Georgia Hall, the new administration building to be constructed at Warm Springs. This building will be completed late this fall and will be the Central Unit for all Foundation activities." This is followed by several camera pans across three different architectural drawings of Georgia Hall. The next title card reads "Patients dormitory group adjoining the administration building" and is followed by four separate outdoor shots of residential wood-frame cottages, another title card that reads "A few typical housekeeping cottages at Warm Springs," and then ten more separate outdoor shots of larger wood-frame houses. Another title card reads "Norman Wilson Memorial Infirmary--the orthopedic and clinical center for the Foundation. This building also provides sick wards, accommodations for surgical convalescence and nursing care." Two women walk along a sidewalk in front of the infirmary building; the clip breaks, and is followed by another shot of the facade of the infirmary building. The next title card reads "These pools are explicitly for the patients." This is followed by a shot where the camera pans across the top of one of the pool buildings from a vantage point overhead, and then by a shot of the camera panning across the length of another pool building at ground level. Another title card reads "This plant consists of three separate units, an indoor pool for supervised exercises, a similar one outdoors and between the two an outdoor play pool. All being inter-connected by channels through which the patients may swim." This is followed by a shot of the indoor pool area that pans from the top of the glass roof down toward an empty pool that is outfitted with tables for hydrotherapy treatment. The clip breaks to a shot of the same pool occupied by physical therapists and patients at the hydrotherapy tables. Next, the camera pans across another pool populated with recreational swimmers and a person sitting on the deck beneath a large patio umbrella. The next title card reads "Here exercises are given each morning from 8:30 until 12:30" and is followed by another shot of physical therapists and patients working at the hydrotherapy tables in the pool. Another title card reads "The following views show details of the exercises as given by the Physiotherapists. The exercises are actively done by the patients, the Physiotherapists merely direct and guide each motion." This is followed by a sequence of shots that show different patients working together with therapists on assorted leg, arm, and hand exercises using exercise rings, horizontal support bars, therapeutic tables, and chairs positioned at different stations in the pool. Another title card reads "After lunch and rest hour comes supervised walking." This is followed by a long panoramic shot of patients working with therapists outdoors in the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation walking court; some patients ascend an outdoor staircase with the use of crutches; others move along a pedestrian walkway with the use of horizontal support bars. This is followed by a series of shots of individual female and male patients conducting walking exercises with the use of crutches or horizontal bars under the supervision of attendants who assist them. The next title card reads "Bathing suits help in analyzing limps." Several patients, each wearing swimsuits, are seen working individually with a physical therapist by walking toward and away from the camera. Eight seconds of footage in this scene have been redacted for privacy; this appears as a black screen. Another title card reads "Stair climbing is most difficult. It can be done forward, sideways or backward, according to the individual muscular condition" and is followed by several shots of female patients working with a therapist on an outdoor staircase in the walking court; each patient uses a different technique for climbing the stairs with the use of crutches. The next title card reads "A complete hydrotherapy department has been installed in the Infirmary;" in the next scene, the camera pans across a room filled with hydrotherapy equipment, a water gauge, assorted water nozzles, and a shower. Another title card reads "For Patients with paralyzed respiratory muscles a respirator is available." The next shot is of a male patient inside a respirator. The camera pulls in tighter to capture a more detailed shot of the patient, of gauges on the machine, and finally, of a nurse pulling the patient out of the respirator. The next title card reads "There are also directed educational activities." This is followed by several classroom scenes that show children using chalkboards, workbooks, and a globe; they are assisted by teachers. Some of the children are wheelchair patients, while some are wearing orthopedic braces. Another title card reads "Craft work is very popular" and is followed by several shots of young girls working on small knitting and weaving projects that are interspersed with a shot of examples of the girls' work that includes crochet squares and doll's clothing. The next title card reads "With the aid of hand controls many patients are able to drive their own cars." This is followed by a close-up shot of the interior of an adapted automobile, where a male driver operates a lever just beneath the steering wheel. He pushes and pulls the lever several times; as the camera pulls away to capture the automobile in full view, the door to the car slams shut and the man speeds away in the vehicle. The last title card reads "Golf and horseback riding are available for patients, but only under strict medical supervision." This is followed by several shots of male patients driving, putting, and walking across the green, with and without the aid of crutches, as well as close-up shots of the hole. Next, a group of riders on horseback gallop down a dirt road; a very young girl follows up in the rear of the group; she is riding a small pony and is supervised by an African American man who keeps close by. The film closes with a final shot that shows the same group of patients on horseback riding along a trail through a wooded area.

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Contributors: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation
Online Publisher: Athens, Ga. : Digital Library of Georgia in association with the Roosevelt Institute for Rehabilitation, 2010
Original Material: 1 film (13 min., 14 sec.)
Rights and Usage: Please contact the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute re: reproduction and usage.

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