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Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive. Film 10

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Type: Moving images | MovingImage
Creator: Georgia Warm Springs Foundation
Title: Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive. Film 10
Film 10
Date: 1930-1950
Description: Roosevelt Warm Springs Archive Film 10 is a thirteen minute and fourteen second compilation of promotional silent newsreel clips produced sometime between 1930 and 1950, sponsored by the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, a health resort and rehabilitation center in Meriwether County, Georgia. This film depicts numerous services and activities available to disabled patients residing at the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation that include therapeutic massage; supervised mobility exercises; occupational therapy and handicrafts; academic instruction; custom manufacture of orthopedic apparatus in an on-site shop; athletic and leisure pursuits; and religious services.

The film begins with an initial title card that reads "Roosevelt Warm Spring Archive Film 10." Another title card reads "Following lunch there is a period for rest and massage." A medical technician (seen from the neck down) massages the shoulders and arms of a woman lying on top of a hospital bed; this is followed by a close-up shot of another medical technician performing massage therapy on the legs and feet of a seated male patient. The next title card reads "Supervised Walking." Here, a group of patients walk with the use of horizontal support bars that have been installed into a pedestrian walkway; these patients are accompanied by medical professionals. Several patients seated in wheelchairs sit in front of a small wooden cottage. This is followed by a sequence of shots featuring patients using assorted orthopedic apparatus that include braces, wheelchairs, and crutches to practice walking exercises and staircase work under the supervision of attendants. The next title card reads "Occupational Therapy and Handicrafts." The camera pans across a long table filled with young boys working on handicrafts that include painting, leather craft, clay modeling, and basket weaving. Next, several shots of young people with arm feeders (mechanical arm supports with ball bearings and suspension slings that assist with shoulder and elbow movement) are shown weaving baskets; and using mechanical looms and shuttles of various sizes. Next, a young girl fitted with an orthopedic arm brace is shown by an instructor how to paint a small plaque. This is followed by several shots of patients doing metal work, operating mechanical band saws, and a large mechanical loom and shuttle. This is followed by another title card that reads "The School Room. Older patients pursue their educational programs with the aid of tutors." There are several scenes from a classroom that show patients using blackboards, desks, books, and a globe, ans they are assisted by teachers. Next, a title card reads "Skilled craftsmanship is essential in the making of orthopaedic [sic] appliances. The Foundation has its own Brace Shop." This is followed by several scenes that document the process of manufacturing orthopedic leg braces, and begins with a shot of a patient lying on top of a large sheet of paper that is laid on a table. A technician traces an outline of the patient's legs onto the paper and takes measurements. This is followed by a close-up shot of the sheet of paper with the tracing of the patient's legs, and measurements recorded by the technician. The next few shots are close-ups of orthopedic brace technicians constructing braces with different tools that include bench grinders, lathes, vises, files, drills, hand-drawn needles, sewing machines, and cobbler's tools. These shots are interspersed with scenes of technicians assembling the the braces, fitting the braces onto the patient's legs, returning back to the original drawings, and making adjustments as necessary. There is a final shot of a completed brace, and a frontal and side shot of the patient fitted into the set of leg braces after the work has been completed by the technicians. This is followed by a short scene of a young male patient wearing a brace fitted across his torso, built to supports his arms just below shoulder height. He turns around in a circle to show the construction of the brace. Another title card reads "With the aid of hand controls many patients are able to drive their own cars." Next, an African American man wheels a woman in a wheelchair from the entrance of a building to a waiting automobile. He lifts the woman into the vehicle on the passenger side. After a break in the clip, the woman is seen seated on the driver's side of the automobile, motoring away from the building. This is followed by a close-up shot of the automobile's dashboard. A driver engages several controls that are operated by hand at the wheel of the vehicle, and at dashboard level. The camera zooms out to show a man operating a lever at the side of the vehicle that closes the driver's side door; he and another man speed away as soon as the door to the automobile closes. A new title card reads "Golf and horseback riding are available to those able to participate." This is followed by several scenes of patients playing golf while an African American man assists as a caddy. Next, a group of people riding on horseback approach a building where patients are gathered at the portico. The clip jumps to a shot of an African American man leading several horses to the group of patients waiting at the portico. The clip jumps again to a shot of the same group of people now seated on top of the horses that were just brought to them. These patients pose for the camera and then ride together down a dirt road away from the building. The next title card reads "Off to the movies--a part of the recreational program." A group of children in wheelchairs are led from a building along a walkway and down a ramp into the playhouse to gather for a movie screening. This is followed by another title card that reads "The Public Pool for guests and visitors." A shot of a round life saver that reads "Warm Springs Pool" is then followed by a panoramic shot of the public pool area, full of swimmers and people socializing along the pool deck. The last title card reads "The Chapel is used for religious purposes by all denominations" and is followed by a shot of the chapel facade. The film closes here.

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Contributors: Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation
Online Publisher: Athens, Ga. : Digital Library of Georgia in association with the Roosevelt Institute for Rehabilitation, 2010
Original Material: 1 film (13 min., 14 sec.) : si., b&w
Rights and Usage: Please contact the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute re: reproduction and usage.

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Collection Information: Selections from the Records of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation, 1924-1974