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Building range. Show up in text indexes on most index maps. Includes the lowest and highest building number found on a street.

Congested map. Map that depicts highly congested areas of a city.

General "master" index map. Color coded index map that points to other index maps or to sheet maps showing distributed parts of a particular company.

Direction. North, South, East, West, North East, North West, South East, South West. A directional designation that follows street type in text indexes under the sub-heading "Streets". Also printed alongside the street name on individual maps.

Index map. The first sheet in a set for a city. Typically includes a small color coded city map. Most city sets have index maps; some do not.

Interactive index map. Small color coded city map, on index maps, that DLG staff have made interactive using roll-over hot links. Each numbered and colored square represents an area blown up for detailed viewing on a separate map. By rolling over a colored square, the color changes. By clicking a colored square, you access the detailed map of this region of the city.

Set. Maps of a city that were published together.

Sheet. Detailed map representing a specific region of a city. Corresponds to colored square on an index map.

Specials. Called Named Buildings & Building Types in records. Buildings listed in text indexes under the sub-heading "Specials".

Street type. Street, Road, Avenue, Place, Lane, Terrace, Circle.

Title page. A page that includes only the title chosen for a set by the Sanborn® Map Company.

Text index. A page that includes only a text index. Text indexes include streets (with building ranges) and specials.