Plug-in Requirements

The reports are available in both PDF and DjVu versions.

To view the PDF files you will need Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher. The files are readable in Adobe Reader 6, but they do not display properly.

The DjVu files require a DjVu browser plug-in or a stand alone viewer.

For Users of Internet Explorer 7

Some security settings in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 can prevent the operation of the DjVu browser plug-in. If you have the browser plug-in installed but are still unable to view the DjVu files you may need to change your Internet Options settings.  LizardTech provides instructions on how to fix this problem.

Educational and Scholarly Use

The digital reproductions included in the Digital Library of Georgia have been made available for use in research, teaching (including distribution to classes), and private study. For these purposes you may reproduce (print, make photocopies, or download) materials from this web site without prior permission, on the condition that you provide proper attribution of the source in all copies.

Citing Sources

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Annual Reports of the Mayors of Savannah, University of Georgia Libraries, presented in the Digital Library of Georgia