Fighting Fires

Shortly after the tornado strike, many fires broke out within Gainesville’s downtown area. Storm damage immobilized the city’s fire fighting equipment and disrupted water supplies needed to fight the flames – so desperate rescuers began to dynamite buildings to control further spread of threatening fires. Despite these difficulties, additional firemen along with their fire trucks soon arrived from other towns, and began helping Gainesville cope with the devastating fires.

thumbnail of film clip torn046

Film clip torn046 includes rare footage of a period fire truck in action at an undetermined location in Gainesville. Note the big hoses running to and from connections on the operating pumper, indicating that a usable water source had been found to fight the still smoldering fire.

Postcard of men gathered around 
        a fire truck, Hall County, Georgia

This enlarged portion of Vanishing Georgia image hal117 portrays a fire truck pausing at an automotive service station near the Gainesville Midland Railway depot. Note the sizeable crew of firemen, and the attentive local civilians crowding around the truck.