Medical Help

In the aftermath of the tornado, first aid stations and hospitals were set up across Gainesville to provide emergency care for the rapidly escalating number of injured. The First Methodist Church (on the corner of Green and Academy Streets) served as the Red Cross headquarters and provided an emergency clinic as well as a morgue. For the African American community, an additional Red Cross headquarters was set up on Athens Street. Other temporary hospitals were established at the First Baptist Church, Gainesville High School, and Chicopee Mills – here the injured were stabilized and later transported to hospitals in Atlanta. Doctors and nurses from Atlanta, Athens, Lawrenceville, and other nearby cities rushed to Gainesville to assist injured storm victims at these temporary but essential medical facilities.

Workers helping a tornado victim

Hall County Library Historical Photograph Collection image hchp0117 shows workers helping a tornado victim at one of the first aid stations set up by the Red Cross.

thumbnail of film clip torn040

In film clip torn040, men hurriedly wheel a tornado victim on a stretcher down the rain-soaked sidewalk along Academy Street toward the temporary medical facilities at First Methodist Church.

thumbnail of film clip torn042

In film clip torn042, attentive workers carefully escort a distraught elderly woman down the steps from the medical facilities at First Methodist Church.