Explaination of Searchable Fields

Keyword: Locates records which include your search terms in the title, description, city, county, and subject fields of the image description.

Subject: Locates records which include your search terms among the individuals, corporate bodies, geographic areas, or the topics that the image treats. For the project a limited number of subjects have been assigned. To see a list of the available subjects, please browse the subject indices.

City: Locates records containing your search terms in the city field. For images associated with areas outside a city, the name of the closest city or town is recorded in this field.

County: Locates records for images associated with the county that matches your search term.

Date: Locates records which include your search terms in the date area of the record. Bear in mind that these dates are often approximate. For the purposes of the database, the following date ranges have been associated with inexact dates.

Decades (e.g. 1930s) 1930-1939
Mid decade (e.g. mid 1930s) 1934-1936
Early decade (e.g. early 1930s) 1930-1933
Late decade (e.g. late 1930s) 1937-1939
Early century (e.g. early 1800s) 1800-1839
Mid century (e.g. mid 1800s) 1840-1869
Late century (e.g. late 1800s) 1870-1899

Description: Locates records which include your search terms in the narrative description of the image. The description is based upon information gathered during the interviews conducted by Georgia Department of Archives and History staff while acquiring the images. The staff has verified and supplemented the descriptions when possible.

Image number: Finds records by the locally assigned county code and identification number (e.g. "car044").

Image type: Locates records for images whose original format matches your search terms. Image types include photograph, painting, engraving, etching, lithograph, drawing, daguerreotype, ambrotype, tintype, stereograph, and postcard. The majority of the images found in the database fall into the photograph category.

Photographer: Locates images whose creator, either an individual or studio, matches your search terms. The photographer or artist is unknown for many of the images. Limited authority control has been performed on the entries in this field.

Title: Locates records which include your search terms in the title field. The title is either a caption printed on the image or is one supplied during cataloging. Titles created for the project include a brief description including the city, county and date if known.